Monday, August 11, 2008

Crazy Ass Japanese Bassist...

In attempt to keep myself occupied while recuperating from my current situation, I am again going through my YouTube favorites for stuff that I actually haven't blogged about. My officemate Kenny showed me this particular video months ago, of this bassist named Masaki Kurata, or just plain "Masaki". He was playing for a Japanase heavy metal band called Animetal from 1997 up to 2006, among other musical projects throughout his career. Animetal primarily focused on covering songs from various Japanese anime in a very progressive rock fashion. They're actually a very good band. It's too bad that they went on an indefinite haitus about 2 years ago.

Animetal aside, this particular post is about Masaki himself. The dude obviously grew up with posters of John Myung and Dream Theater on his bedroom walls. Check out the video below of Masaki playing one of Animetal's songs. There's a picture-in-picture window in the video. So that you can see what both his left and right hands are doing for the duration of the song.

I thought Victor Wooten was a psycho. Masaki is just a whole different other level of crazy.


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