Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bring Down the Rain...

It's a little ironically funny that I'm blogging about this given it's been raining a lot the past few weeks. Anyway, this post is about yet another new percussion toy that I recently bought last Friday.

The thing is called a "Rainmaker" by LP (Latin Percussion). I got an 18" one because I needed one that was short enough to fit in my gig-bag-o-percs-toys. You basically just tip the cylinder towards one of its ends and pebbles/particles inside roll down creating a sound similar to rain fall.

Below is a link to the exact brand and model of my new Rainmaker. It's got a sound bite of how the thing sounds like when played.

I actually have a rain stick, which is essentially the same thing as a Rainmaker. Filipinos are known for rain sticks. So if you want one, you can just go to any souvenir store and get one there. Below is a picture of the rain stick that my little sister bought me years ago, alongside my LP Rainmaker. You'll notice that my rain stick is rather long. I couldn't exactly just throw that in my gig bag. Hence why I was looking for a shorter version.


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Euri said...

I like it when they use this in an acoustic song~~XD