Saturday, August 9, 2008

7 Congas in E Minor...

I've had this particular video in my YouTube favorites for quite some time now. Since I'm just wallowing in pain here post-tooth-impaction, I figured I might as well share it. Samuel Torres is a prolific percussionist. Although I think Giovanni Hidalgo is way better than he is in terms of speed and technique, Mr. Torres is actually more melodic than Giovanni.

The video below shows Samuel Torres, playing a total of 7 congas, which is actually the most number of congas I've seen anybody play. The title of the video indicates that all 7 congas are tuned to a E minor scale, which just absolutely blows my mind away. Take special note of the way he plays chords by striking two congas at the same time. This is where his melodic skill shows.

Damn, how I wish I was this good.


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