Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Wii-Mote Geekery...

About a month or so ago, I blogged about one of Johnny Chung Lee's pet projects utilizing the Nintendo Wii Remote Controller. In that project, he showcased Virtual Reality Head Tracking Capabilities utilizing a Wii-Mote. The URL to that particular post is below.

Below are two other videos showing off more of Johnny's ingenius Wii-Mote geekery. I'm sharing two videos this time because you need to watch the first one in order for the second video to make any sense.

The first video showcases how Johnny is able to enable tracking of fingers using the IR camera of a Wii-Mote. This paves the way for an interface the likes of the movie "Minority Report".

Given the interface technology that Johnny was able to create in the video above, he then extends that technology to a white board interface. Instead of your fingers that are being tracked, it is now a pair of modified pens that have LED lights for tips.

Like what Johnny said in the video above, this allows for people to create a low cost white-board interface by just using a Wii-Mote and some make-shift LED pens.

I'm thinking of creating one myself and using Johnny's software that he created. But then again, it wouldn't be as cost-effective as I would think because it'll require me to buy a projector and screen. I really would love to try the table-top interface. I was considering buying a projector and a screen instead of my 32" LCD TV last year. But I ended up buying the LCD TV instead. Perhaps I can try it on my LCD TV first before even thinking about buying a projector.

Well done Johnny. Keep that shit up.


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