Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Minute Gig at Capone's

I'm getting a piling backlog again of what's been happening lately that I want to blog about. This only means things are looking up in the personal aspect of my life. This particular post is about our spontaneous SunDownMuse gig last October 7, 2011.

It was a Friday then. And I was making plans with my friend Mari. However, our drummer Andrew texted asking if we wanted to gig at Capone's Bistro, A Venue Mall in Makati. We just had band practice the previous night, and the thought of when our next gig will be was lingering in our heads that night. So all the band members agreed, and made arrangements with our respective jobs, so that we could make the gig possible. I had to bail on my friend Mari for that night. Sorry Mari!

(All photos in this post are from LC of Reklamo)

Two comedians around the scene performed that night. I personally found the first comedian not all that funny. I was pleasantly surprised with the second comedian, Mike Unson. I remember gigging at a nice bar called Sanctum Unmasct in Intramuros years ago. And at times, Mike would be there to perform stand-up. Back then, he'd be reading jokes from a notebook. He was funny back then. But it depended on the joke he was delivering. Mike seems to have improved his craft since then. And although you don't expect to be literally rolling on the floor laughing while watching someone like Robin Williams, Mike's very current and Filipino flavored humor got me laughing quite a few times.


A band called Reklamo played soon after Mike. Back when 6Underground was still running in Makati, we were booked to play every Saturday for a year. Most of those Saturdays, LC would be playing. That act was the makings of the recent GBOB winner, Reklamo.