Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tentator Goodness...

Got myself a new pet when I reached level 58 with my Vicious Summor (Rozaku). Woohoo!!! Dekaron is my only source of reprieve these days. So I've been playing a lot since last weekend just to cut the stress and the loneliness. Below are pictures of what my character at level 60 looks like, along with my new pet "Tentator".

A officemate of mine, Orly, was right. The Tentator is bad ass. And I can do AFK-Levelling easier in Parca Temple with this abomination from the Abyss.

Shamelessly plugging this game again, sign up for Close Beta Testing for Dekaron SEA if you haven't done so already. You will move your mouse cursor over the link below and click on it [waves his hand as if attempting a Jedi Mind Trick].


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