Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SunDownMuse "Like Knives" Album Launch

It's been quite a few months since my band, SunDownMuse, launched their 2nd album at Route 196.  This was back in September 13 of last year.

We picked Route 196 as the venue because the owners and staff have always treated us well when we run productions there.  Even when we don't finish a particular night until the sun rises.

Last minute preparations were a tad stressful that night primarily due to the rain.  I personally had to scour nearby computer shops and internet cafes because the video that showcases all our sponsors for the launch couldn't play at Route 196's DVD player.  Even thought I finally was able to burn the video file onto a DVD, it still didn't work.  I took that on because I could see our band leader, Briggs, getting increasingly stressed out about last minute preps.  I was the one who hardly contributed much time and effort for the event.  So I took that and even volunteered to play host/MC for the night (The person who was supposed to MC bailed last minute.)

I don't remember much else from that night other than the fact that we really enjoyed all the other bands that we invited to play.  They were the Purplechickens, Fuseboxx, and the Jerks.  Each of their sets were just as enjoyable as the next.  One disappointment was that Enzo and crew (Severo) bailed on us last minute.

We were exceptionally giving to the other bands we invited to play at our launch.  Aside from feeding and getting them drunk on Jack Daniel's, we gave them each band a size-able gift basket.  The Jerks don't drink so much these days.  But they loved the gift basket.  It's something that most bands don't expect from event organizers I suppose.  Thanks to Carol for dreaming up and making that idea happen.

The place filled up decently well especially considering that it was raining.  Most people refrain from going out when it rains.  So it was a pleasant surprise that the place had quite a crowd despite the inclement weather.

Below are videos of our set during our launch that night, as well as a few videos from the sets of the other bands we invited to play.