Friday, March 25, 2011

The Final Gift

For centuries I wait.

Feeding off of vermin in the outskirts of towns.

A promise made and a hope that it will be kept.

The world changes around me.

The years grow ever so lonely.

And yet there she is amidst the darkness.

Her scent slowly grows more prominent.

I could hear the beating of her heart hasten.

I float up close to her.

I yearn for her sweet embrace.

Her arms wrap around me.

She gives off a glimmer of a warm smile.

I feel a sharpness pierce into my chest.

The pain sends a jolt throughout my body.

How astonishing this splintering sensation feels.


An eerie silence was her response.

"I love you."

"I know."

This old heart feels alive once again.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kratos in Mortal Kombat Reboot (MK9)

I knew for a while now that Kratos from the God of War series was going to be included as a playable character in the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot for the PS3. But all I knew back then was based from a CG cinematic that gives you a glimpse of Kratos fighting Scorpion. I just saw the video below. You get to see Kratos in action in the game.

This game can't come any sooner. As a fan of God of War and Mortal Kombat. I'm getting excited for all the carnage to come.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Awesome Week Part 3: Pangasinan Road Trip

I got home from the Urbandub gig around 2:00AM or 3:00AM. I flipped open my laptop to do some work to make-up from going to the gig. I also did it to keep me awake until I had to leave around 4:30AM.

I finished the work I had to do before hitting the weekend. Tried my absolute best to stay up despite being thoroughly hosed with beer just a few hours before. I started quickly packing some stuff because the road trip was an overnight trip. I had no idea what to pack in my drunken stupor. I thought as long as I have a change of clothes, everything will work out just fine.

My suki cab driver apparently stayed parked in front of my building after dropping me off at home from the Urbandub gig. That was nice of him actually. So I went down with my bag, armed with my acoustic guitar and darbuka drum. I brought instruments just in case any jam would break out at where we were going to stay at. If not, I can always just zone out in some corner there alone while playing guitar or darbuka.

I thought the meeting place was at Starbucks Shangrila-EDSA, and that's what I told my suki cab driver to head towards. Good thing Briggs texted back saying it was the Starbucks at EDSA-Central, which is a little farther. I was able to tell the cab driver in time to change destinations.

I got to Starbucks and it was still dark out. I was obviously in the middle of call center-ville because the morning shifts seems to be trickling in. I hadn't eaten anything since the day before, so I got an ensaymada from Starbucks. Also gave me an excuse to stay at one of their tables while waiting. None of my road trip mates were there yet. So I waited a good 30-40 minutes for Briggs. Once Briggs arrived, we soon met up with Ekon, one of Briggs' officemates. It was only Jon (common friend of ours) remaining before we can head out. At this time, I was still totally trashed from the Urbandub gig. Which I found really amusing since I'm obviously trying to cram as much activity this weekend to avoid getting depressed.

Jon took quite a while to get to the meeting place. The three of us already went and ate breakfast and Jon still didn't arrive. Eventually Jon reached us. Apparently, he was trashed as well the night before and woke up real late while dragging his hungover-self over to the meeting place. The sun rose already by the time Jon arrived. We then decided to finally head out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awesome Week Part 2: Urbandub Live in 19 East

Friday came around and I was still high from the Stone Temple Pilots concert the past Wednesday of that week. I was excited to go watch Urbandub again, one of my favorite local bands in the scene, at a venue that has one of the nicest sound and lights set-ups compared to most other venues in Manila. I ended up flying solo that night because people either had work, other plans, or didn't respond to my invitation. But I was determined to enjoy Urbandub's musings no matter what.

I arrived at 19 East a little early than music start.  But I found that most of the venue's tables were already occupied except for the ones further down back. I was by myself. So instead of hogging a whole length of a table closest to the stage, I decided to go way at the back where most people would probably not want to sit at. It was also situated nearest the stairs down to the bathroom. So it was convenient for me, aside from not disturbing anybody if I had to go take a piss.

I'll briefly glean over the few bands that played prior to Urbandub. Once again, when I comment about bands, it's only based on my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone. I apparently encourage some considerable flamage from some people with my comments about different bands' music. If I'm not a fan of a certain band, I'm sure others are because they have a different perspective. Enough with the disclaimer, I'll just get right to it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awesome Week Part 1: Stone Temple Pilots Live in Manila

I've been so stoked to watch Stone Temple Pilots for weeks prior to the concert itself. I invited people to go with me when I first found out that STP was playing out here in Manila, but to no avail. No one seemed interested. This is where the notion started that I was going to enjoy great music regardless if anybody wanted to go with me or not. Luckily, a few days later, my good friends Briggs and Roland both expressed interest in going. So I had people to go with me after all. We all agreed that the most expensive seats were the way to go. I grew up with STP. There was just no way I was not going to get as close to the stage as I possibly could.

Roland and I met up at Briggs place prior to the concert. I originally thought we had 4th row seats. But actually, we got 7th row seats. Briggs was the one who got us the tickets and Roland and I just paid her back for it.

Fast forward to arriving at Araneta Coliseum, we could see a lot of people already waiting outside the concert venue. We figured we wouldn't have much trouble getting in given how our seats were so close. We got in and I noticed they were selling merch just right near the entrance. I hopped skipped over there like a giddy kid. But Briggs and Roland looked at me like an idiot. I told them that when I was at the Nine Inch Nails concert, that the stall with shirts already closed by the time the concert was done. I just drooped back to Briggs and Roland like I was just scolded by my parents.

We all then proceeded to the inner part of the venue. We bought water and a few other things before proceeding to the Patron area. We were there rather early apparently as there was only a few people in the patron area compared to other seats higher up. And here we thought we came just in time. It was quite a wait while we were seated.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This year so far has definitely been different compared to last year. So many subtle changes even though everything appears to be the same.

Changes in Work Perspective

Admittedly, I was spiraling out of control with how I reacted to work most especially late last year. I was coming into the office with a genuine fear. And as Master Yoda once said "Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering". That pretty much spells out how bad it got for me on the last few months of 2010.

The result of which is that not only was I affected so intensely about work, that I started affecting people around me in the office as well. People started harboring animosity and a general feeling that they need to avoid me. It took a person to get pissed at me before I started realizing what I was doing. Venting started to become extremely unhealthy and largely hurtful to others with the harsh words that would come out of my mouth.

Good serious talks with my Dad over the holidays really instilled some much needed perspective in me. For the first time, I have a new found respect for my Dad. Most, if not all, our discussions almost always end up in an argument. Perhaps it was also changes in his outlook on life at the time that paved the way for some of the most meaningful conversations I've had with my Dad. When we came across differences of opinion, we backed down and tried to the understand the other. What touched me the most was when my Dad started referencing how I was when I was a kid as a means to explain his suggestion or advice.