Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amazing "Amazing Grace"...

A good friend and former bandmate of mine, Brew Baritugo, showed me this particular video of Victor Wooten, with his uncanny, highly skilled, and very tasteful version of the song "Amazing Grace". Normally, you would find "Amazing Grace" a little too cheesy. However, Mr. Wooten's version will just blow you away regardless. This guy knows his instrument so well that he can produce sounds, tones, and melodies that most people think are not even possible on a bass guitar. I've never even seen any bassist utilize harmonics as part of the main melody of any song. Check the video out below.

One thing to note is that Victor was actually tuning his bass on the fly as he was playing. My ears couldn't pick up on the off-tune of the strings. But apparently Victor could hear it loud and clear, and knew exactly how much he had to turn each tuning lug to hit the note. Damn, to think I was thinking of taking up bass guitar for fun. Now, I don't think I even want to try. LOL!

Below is another video of Victor covering the Beatles song "Norwegian Wood". Too much finger-tapping luvin' in this particular video. The dude is crazy.


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