Monday, November 21, 2011

Chuck Norris World of Warcraft Commercial

I just saw this video and I just had to repost it on my blog. As many WoW players have either experienced or revelled in, Chuck Norris jokes have been amusingly setting the ingame standard of strength and power for ages. This kinda tops all the past WoW commercials (Ozzy's WoW commercial comes in a close second in my opinion).

Hilarious! A melee hunter is a nice touch with his pet doing absolutely nothing. And the fact that the Chuck does mostly roundhouse kicks. LOL!

"There are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft... because Chuck Norris allows them to live!"



Saturday, November 19, 2011

STOMP! - SunDownMuse Gig - Blizzcon

I just finished watching this movie called "Friends with Benefits" and now find myself with nothing to do. So I decided to cut into my blogging backlog again. This post is about the awesome triple header night I had back on October 21, 2011.

My company's Office Admin Manager, Joy, was so nice to score me two tickets to watch STOMP! that night. So I invited Charlene to come along with me. Charlene took the day off from her work and offered to pick me up and head to CCP to watch.

Now CCP is a little strict when it comes to taking pictures or video. I'm sure I would've been able to sneak in a few snaps with my Blackberry or take a few minutes of video. But to be honest, STOMP was just so breathtakingly awesome, that I was just so engrossed in their performance to think about taking pictures or video. So my apologies that I do not have anything visual to show you.

STOMP was fantastic to say the least. They're a group that focuses on alternative percussion rhythms first and then dance intertwined second. I was mesmerized with all the different things they used while performing. They used broomsticks, newspaper, garbage cans, fire extinguishers, etc.

For a few moments during STOMP's performance, I was even thinking perhaps I should try out for that group and see if I could get in. I'm sure I'll get all the rhythms down no problem. But I'm no theater performer. There was a lot more going into their performance than just the rhythms.

After the performance, Charlene and I shared ear-to-ear smiles on our faces after being so entertained. I do hope I get to watch STOMP again some time. They're just too good.

Charlene was so nice that she even volunteered to drive and come with me to my gig with SunDownMuse at Last Home. When we got to Last Home, the rest of my bandmates were already there except for Islaw. Islaw also watched STOMP that night. So he had to follow to Last Home after. This band called Mistress was gracious enough to invite us to join their event in Last Home. This was also the first time that the vocalist has seen SunDownMuse play because the last time we played a gig with Mistress, she left early.

Briggs' partner, Carol, was kind enough to use my Zoom Q3HD to take video of our set that night. Below are the resulting videos she took. Thanks Carol!


"Flesh 'n Bone"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jack Versus the Crab at the JD Set 7 Long Sets Event at No. 38

I was holding out blogging about this particular night because I was waiting for Jack Daniel's to release all the pictures they took from night on Facebook. But it's been weeks and they haven't posted them still. So I'll take the time to blog about this now.

This post is of my gig with Jack Versus the Crab at the JD Set 7 Long Sets production at No. 38 last October 14, 2011. We skipped Jack Daniel's Birthday event. So this was the first time since the JD Set 7 Tour Launch, that we've played for Jack Daniel's.

The gig venue was a little bit of a concern for the band days prior to the gig. Some have been to No. 38 and noticed how tiny the space is for the band. Most bands that play there usually just play acoustic, or would bring a junior drum kit because of the limited space. We were a large band, minimum of 10 people at any given gig. So space was always a concern at any gig. Fortunately, Jack Daniel's knew this and actually segmented out more of the floor of the band. Phew!

My good friend Joseph and I got there early to catch "Stories of Now" play. That band really minds a very "Smallville soundtrack"-esque style to them given their pop sensibilities. One of the Jack Daniel's promo girls was trying to sell me into buying a bottle of Jack Daniel's. I found this amusing because JD Set 7 bands are provided bottles and are discouraged from buying and voting for themselves during the entire span of their competition. After she made her very compelling pitch, I identified myself as being part of Jack Versus the Crab. She immediately sprang with a dozen apologies in a row, and I just politely laughed and told her it was okay.

Photo taken by Patricia Pelayo

While the rest of my band was slowly trickling in. We feasted on crispy pata and drowned ourselves with Jack Cokes. We were practically complete after a while, except for our drummer Fritz, who was playing for Snafu at another venue in Makati. We tried to stall the organizers for a bit.  Although the organizers were very accommodating, we couldn't just keep pushing back our set start time.  So we started setting up and even started playing a song that could be pulled off acoustic. This kinda of made me nervous because my congas part had to carry the rhythm. Luckily, mid-way through the song, Fritz arrived and headed straight for the drum kit. We then started our set.

Below are videos that my friend Joseph took of our entire set that night. He used my Zoom Q3HD to take the video as usual.

"Your Smiles"