Sunday, February 28, 2010

The End of the Month Long Birthday Celebration

Today is the last day of February. As heavy as it has been at work. I managed to squeeze out free time during weekends this past month to attempt to celebrate my birthday. Now, usually I celebrate it once and that would be it. However, given how mundane my birthday was last year, how alone I've felt, and how hard I've been working, I decided to extend my birthday celebration for the entire month instead.  I needed to feel content and proud of myself.

I can't really divulge all the details of all the celebration events that took place this month.  But I can certainly share some.

Bought enough food to feed my entire company on the Friday of my actual birthday weekend. The cake they got for me was certainly a surprise. It felt a little good to know that they somewhat care about me beyond just being a boss. I rarely feel that in the office these days. The rare feeling was welcome when it came on that Friday.

I bought a new PC for myself. I've been putting it off for a while. But 13th month pay provided the funds for some much needed "giving back to myself". Below is a picture for my new PC.

I spent a considerable amount of money on this PC. I have a knack of doing this. I max out the specs of a new PC, so that it will last a number of years before buying a new one. My previous PC was very much like that too. But 6 years later and it was time to change it up. Below are the specs of my new PC.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Orianthi is one of those rising pop stars lately that I did notice because she possesses guitar skills that most girls do not have. This is by no means an insult to females. In fact, even the vocalist/guitarist of my band is female. Briggs can play guitar better than a lot of male guitarists.

Orianthi's music is obviously very pop current in nature. However, what opened my eyes (well in this case ears) about this particular artist is when I saw a music video of her alongside guitar legend Steve Vai.

Check out the video below of that particular song. It is a huge departure from Orianthi's regular sound. It goes to show that at times all the marketing muscle can hide a musician's true skill.

When I watched this video, Orianthi just got a gazillion plus pogi points to the point of underwear dropping phenoma. In other words, nalaglag brip ko. LOL!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paoli Mejias

This guy is a monster conga player. His speed with the accompanied clarity of his strokes is so amazing. I think he's even as fast as Giovanni Hidalgo. Check out the video below.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forgotten Chapters of Life

I had dinner with two of my officemates from our IT department at the nearby McDonald's a while ago. The dinner was filled with stories of our highschool and college days. Each of them were taking turns, at times interrupting each other, mentioning all these good and funny memories of their past. The dinner was like any other dinner to end the work day really. But when I usually contribute and share stories of my own past, tonight I was just quietly listening.

It kind of dawned on me that unlike my 2 companions, I hardly remember much about my highschool and college days. I can actually say that I hardly remember much of my past in general. Just snippets here and there, only to be reminded of details of any specific past event through pictures. That's probably why I take random pictures from my phone for the past few years. Because once I see a picture from an event, then I start remember specific details.

Of course, I have stories to share of my past too. As shown during my good friend Gino's despedida party the other weekend. Apparently in my drunken stupor, I had a lot of stories to share Gino's friends. I ended up being a barrel of laughs with how I would tell each story. Gino mentioned that I probably wouldn't be forgotten anytime soon by the people who were there because of it. When I do tell what little stories I have to share, I usually tell them in a way that it ultimately makes fun of myself. Somehow, it sells to people you're telling it to purely because the butt of your jokes is no one but yourself. It actually gets mean if you incessantly poke fun of somebody else. I'm pretty sure if that night dragged on any longer, that I would've ran out of stories to share.