Sunday, April 6, 2008

Giovanni Hidalgo...

No amount of words to describe Giovanni Hidalgo can ever even do an inkling of justice to this percussion master. He's literally the Michael Jordan of percussions.

Below are some of the videos of him that I like the most on YouTube. I've arranged these three videos in order of 1) "awesome", 2) "bad-ass", and 3) "WTF?!?". Each video progressively showcases Giovanni with an increasing number of conga drums as well. Just watch it. You'll know what I mean after watching all three in a row.

After watching the first one, you're saying "Yeah, he's awesome.".

Then the second one rolls by, and now you're saying "Wow, he's bad-ass."

Then in comes the third one, where you shrug with an awe of disbelief, and say "WTF!?!". That good, ladies and gentlemen. The guy is a friggin' cyborg molded into a fat latino's body. How I wish I had even just a third of his skill.


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