Friday, April 18, 2008

Drip and Song #9...

I've known Drip since back when we had NekNekMo Productions ran by Nityalilla. First time I heard their music was a toned-down acoustic version of their songs, which I enjoyed very much. Not only were the songs great. But Beng, the vocalist, was definitely very easy on the eyes. The band has grown since then to a full-on electronica act; sporting a keyboard synthesizer (Malek), turn-tables (Caliph8), and Fruity Loops on a PC (Morse). I actually miss Raymund, former guitarist, in the mix. But overall, their sound is still awesome and very unique.

Beng actually sang for my highschool buddies' band back in highschool. She made me promise not to speak of it because she's embarrased about singing Skid Row songs, etc. (Sorry Beng LOL!). But I only mention it in this post because not many people can reach notes of Skid Row songs like Beng does. And she has this raspy voice that pulls it out quite well. So I've known her for longer than the lifespan of Drip.

The song I want to show you for today is from Drip's first album called "Song #9". The song differs from the rest of the album because it sounds similar to the likes of D'Sound. Pay close attention to the song's construction, mesmerizing vocals, and funkadelic bass line. The music video is well-made and very Filipino-relevant. Check it out below.

Pictures of Beng earlier are from Drip's Multiply site. Never, even in my wildest dreams would I ever have such a beautiful girl with such a sultry voice. The rest of the band makes Beng that much more appealing.


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