Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eric Roche Smells Like Teen Spirit...

In a previous post about acoustic guitar man, Andy Mckee, I wrote "I remember taking classical guitar lessons from the nearest Yamaha school years ago. But I never really took it seriously because I wanted to play grunge songs."

As I was searching for more Andy Mckee videos on YouTube, I came across this particular video by acoustic master Eric Roche. It's Eric's rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from the "Nevermind" album. It doesn't get anymore grunge than Nirvana. But I was surprised to see that Eric Roche's version of the song is very classy and still retains the flare of Nirvana. Check it out below.

After I watched that video, I said to myself "Wow that was cool, acoustic grunge". Then I came across this Eric Roche video where he shows how you can simulate so many percussion sounds and tones with the use of strokes on different parts of the body of a guitar. This guy has taken the Flamenco style of percussive strokes to a whole new level. No need for a band anymore, this guy is a one-man walking band. Check it out below.

I saved this video for last because it really exhibits the skill of Eric Roche. To think I thought Andy Mckee was the shiznit. Eric Roche is just something else. The video below is of one of his songs called "Roundabout".

How I wish I was this good at acoustic guitar. I can only be this good in my dreams.


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