Sunday, April 13, 2008

To Kill a Mocking Virus... Part 2...

I almost forgot to close the last chapter of my toiling battle with that damn malware. Anyway, after I successfully backed up all my files, I decided to start the long arduous and tedious process of reformatting.

Unfortunately, my DVD-ROM drive started conking out on me. I couldn't boot my Windows XP installer from start-up. I tried so many different ways to circumvent this. But once again, there is yet another complication to this already complicated process of getting my PC fixed. So come Saturday morning last week, I took my PC to PC Express to have it looked at.

When I got to PC Express, there was this line of people waiting on the only 3 techs there to have their PC's looked at. There was some Hungarian guy having trouble with his sound card. He kept ranting and raving that "he did not change anything when the error occurred." Which the techs could hardly understand given his thick accent. I had to translate for the techs just for them to understand what he was saying. I should've charged for my translation services.

The guy in front of me in the queue, didn't know exactly how to handle his own computer. The techs told him he needs to reformat and reinstall Windows. He shuddered at the fact of buying an original installer of Windows and would rather install a pirated copy. But of course, the techs strongly advised against installing a pirated copy. He was wondering why they were saying so. I just tapped him on his shoulder, and pointed at the sign on the wall that says "We do not condone installation of pirated software, so please do not ask our technicians about such software."

After waiting for a good number of hours, it was finally my turn. Thank God, I had my iPod to keep me somewhat occupied during the long wait. The tech that attended to my PC, apparently, remembers delivering this PC of mine to my appartment when it was first built. Which was good so that the tech doesn't immediately dismiss my PC, so he attend to the throngs of other people waiting after me.

The tech tested my DVD-ROM drive and it was indeed busted. It was time to put the thing to sleep. I asked if I can just buy a replacement. So they gave me the Sony DRU-840A, which was much better than my old DVD-ROM drive.

After, the tech installed the new DVD-ROM drive, he proceeded to installing Windows XP since I brought my original installer along. The dude that wanted to install a pirated version of Windows was looking at me when I pulled out my original installer. I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him. I figured the way Microsoft has it set-up with the gazillion patches that you download online periodically, you really need to invest in an original installer.

With Windows XP all installed in my PC. I paid for my new DVD-ROM drive, and left the computer shop. The shop was about to close already by that time, so I had to pass through the back. Boy, was that annoying because I had to lug my PC to the other street just to get a cab.

I dropped my PC back at my place and then left to head for Datablitz in Park Square because I wanted the latest version of Norton Systemworks. Unfortunately, they didn't have any stock of that software suite. So I bought some Jamaican Patties just to make the trip out to Park Square worthwhile.

I headed home, hooked up my PC, and booted it up. The f-ugly default look of Win XP was annoying. But at least it's now functioning properly. Now I start the long process of downloading and/or installing all my programs in my PC. And until now, a week after the events I just described, I still haven't installed everything.

I still want to find out who the creator of that virus is. So I can stab him/her multiple times with a spoon. It's a blunt instrument, I know. It just hurts more if you force a blunt object down somebody's throat. So much hatred. LOL!


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