Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yosha the Fanatic...

My good friend and quintessential six string samurai, Paolo Rodriguez, recommended I should check this band called Yosha. It was previously recommended to him as being even better than Sinosikat. As I love Sinosikat, I was curious how much better this band called Yosha is. Apparently, Yosha is not just the band name. It's also the name of the vocalist. And with her are some of the greatest musicians in the scene today (i.e. Karel, Otep, etc.).

I found a YouTube video of them covering this song called "Fanatic" by Vivian Green. I just love the acid jazz/R'nB vibe they have. The lyrics aren't deep. But the musicality of their performance is awesome. Not to mention, that Yosha herself is very easy on the eyes. Below is the video along with lyrics of the song.

Covered by Yosha
Original by Vivian Green

[Verse 1:]

When I wake up all I want is for him to take me away
To that incredible comfort zone inside that beautiful place
When I need to release tension so that I can feel brand new
Reach that height that only one in this whole world can take me to

[Pre Hook:]
All the time I want you baby,
All the time I need you honey,
All the time I gotta have you sugar,
Because I'm addicted - oh yeah.
All the time I want you baby,
All the time I need you honey,
All the time I gotta have you sugar,
It belongs to me


I'm fanatically, addicted see, the way that he be loving me
It's like a drug or some bad habbit
Since its mine, I got to have it


[Verse 2:]
Oh it feels like, like I've never had it right
Before this,
There was so much emotional pain, nothing positive to gain
But I'm loved, full, and completely now
Not just a physical thang
But it's something spiritual

[Pre Hook]


I just gotta have it, I'm a fanatic [4x]


For those of you who, like me, got curious about who Vivian Green is after watching the Yosha video. Below is the same song performed by Vivian Green. It's awesome too.



Scooby said...

I love vivian green!!!

sundowndos said...

and now so do i.... hehe... thanks for stopping by buddy... :)