Tuesday, July 29, 2008


You wake up with a smile on your face. The sun's rays seep through the curtains, and touch your eyes for a brief moment. A cool breeze flutters through the curtains and gently brushes your face.

A sudden jolt of paranoia hits you. You quickly spin towards your clock to check the time. In an instant, you realize that it’s a Saturday. You exhale slowly, and your muscles relax from the unnecessary tension. The smile returns to your lips.

You turn to your left and a familiar female figure lays beside you. Your feet lightly ruffle the sheets as you motion towards her.

She feels you grazing her shoulder with your finger tips as you soothingly wrap your arm around her. She awakes just a little bit to tilt her head towards you.

You whisper, “Good Morning”, into her ear. A small smile forms around her lips as she kisses your cheek. She whispers “Good Morning” right back.

Music trickles into the silent resonance of the room. It seems your assistant downstairs has chosen Bob Marley to start your day off today.

You slowly rise to a sitting position on the side of your bed. Both your arms reach for the ceiling. Your mouth gapes open, giving off a yawn.

The scent of tea slowly crawls up your nostrils, beckoning you towards the table nearby. You playfully drag your feet towards the beverage. You notice two filled cups next to a small clay kettle. Grabbing both tea cups, you slowly return to her side and give her a little nudge.

She slowly sits up and takes one of the tea cups from your hand. She reaches a hanging chord on the wall and softly pulls it down. You see the curtains draw to the sides. Both of you rise to your feet on the other side of the bed. She heads towards the verandah beyond the curtains. A circular motion of her free hand, invites you to join her.

Your cellphone starts ringing on the other side of the room. Her face squints into a cute frown in reaction to the ringtone. You lazily feel around for your Bluetooth headset and answer the call.

Your assistant reminds you that the studio downstairs is ready for band practice at your leisure. You hold your clenched fist up to the level of your eyes and give off a smirk. A sudden rush of excitement surges through your spine in anticipation of the gig tonight.

You bring your eyes back to the brightly lit female figure out in the verandah. She motions her existing invitation with a slow blink of her eyes and a smile. As you step out to the porch, a magnificent view greets you.

A yellow semi circle in the horizon paints the sky with shades of orange and purple. As the music fades slightly into the background, you hear the sound of waves lightly splashing against the sand below you.

As both of you gaze out to the scenery, you both take a sip from your tea cups at the same time. You glance at each other after the sip while a little chuckle creeps through the flirtatious smiles you give to each other.

You veer your eyes back to the horizon as you feel a gentle breeze brush against your whole body. You close your eyes to fully enjoy the wind. You feel content and light-hearted.


In that sliver of a second, you hear your alarm clock piercing your ears.

You open your eyes and reach to your right to turn off the alarm.

You instinctively sprawl back to your bed as a bead of sweat travels down your forehead.

You mutter to yourself softly.


As you realize your naiveness, you close your eyes shut and cringe.

You beg yourself for just 5 more minutes of that illusion.

You utter words that have been all too familiar in your life.

"Oh well..."


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