Saturday, July 5, 2008

This One's For the Boyz...

I remember, a little while back, that I posted a bulletin on Flipnation, defending the female race as a gender to be respected and admired. That horny toad guys in Flipnation spoil it for the rest of us who are fortunate enough to be even in their company. Albeit, only virtually.

I dug up that old bulletin post from Flipnation actually. Here it is below.

Dissillusioned People...

It's funny that a number of guys think that just because a girl is extremely beautiful that it's a green light for them to treat them like a two-bit whore.

Guys, please revisit how you approach women here in Flipnation. You'll definitely not get anywhere with them if you treat them as such.

Some women in here know their beautiful and like to show it off. That's their perogative. And yes, showing off in that manner does invite behavior from the male species that is disrespectful. But you guys should never assume that the approach you have chosen actually works.

Go to some porn site and get your rocks-off there. Or go to the nearest massage parlor and wave some money at them. Then your approach will work.

Some of us guys are actually blessed to even be in the company of these beautiful women. Although we yearn to have a deeper relationship with them, we are grateful that they even want to speak to us. You horny-ass guys end up scaring these women away. We all lose if and when all of them no longer frequent this site.

Check your dick at the login page. You can be as green as you want with these women, if and only if they want to play along. Be a sniper, who chooses their single shots rather than spray bullet fire wildly.

Happy Hunting to all you guys. And to all the fab ladies of Flipnation, my apologies for the bad side of the male species.

Although, I still hold on to that to be true. This doesn't mean women should be let off the hook completely either. LOL!

I came across this article on ABC News' website, about the reason why "nice guys finish last". And I found the article to have a lot of truth based from my personal experience, and ironically extracting the same information from a number of girls in Flipnation as well.

Check out the article URL below. It's even backed up by scientific research, would you believe.

So for me, it boils down to questions like:

When will we be preferred over someone that's faster, stronger, more attractive, or more charming?
When will girls leave their boyfriends for us for a change?
When will we at least get our foot in the door with women, and not have the door shut in our faces from the get-go?
When will women stay with us long term because they prefer stability over consistent excitement?

Basically... When will nice guys ever finish first for once?...



Euri said...

Hmm... I didn't know "nice guys" still exists. LOL! XDXD

sundowndos said...

hehe... they do exist... it's just that no one notices them... hehe...