Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Acoustic Caren Tevanny

This is actually a span of two separate nights. But I figured I'd roll this into one post. Caren Tevanny of Sanctus, General Luna, and a slew of other bands, has been doing acoustic gigs the past few months. She usually has one other guitarist and at times a drummer. She plays acoustic covers mostly from the 90s, anywhere from Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer".

Her vocals and guitar playing on her acoustic gigs aren't as good as opposed to her Sanctus or General Luna gigs. But I do appreciate that she goes for high notes even if it's just shy of her vocal range. The sheer effort to go for it vocally, added to the fact that she's very pleasing to the eyes, makes her acoustic act entertaining.

Below is a video of one of the cover songs she performed at Cafe Alfonso. The venue is extremely close to my apartment. So I headed over there alone to eat dinner and wind down the work day. This cover song was from Guns 'n Roses. So I couldn't pass up uploading this to YouTube.

Admittedly, I was too shy to approach Caren in between her sets. Yes, this is a typical fanboy reaction of mine. I was happy enough just to get to watch her perform.

Caren threw out an invite at me on her Facebook wall before. She invited me to watch her gig at No. 38 at Jupiter Street, Makati. So I giddily decided to go watch her. She saw on my Facebook profile that I was bandmates with Empi. Empi is my bassist in my band Jack Versus the Crab, and Empi happened to be her bassist in another band in the past. So by sheer association, she actually acknowledged I exist. LOL.

I dragged my friends Joseph and Kenny to come along with me this time. She was actually surprised to see me show up at No. 38, as she was equally surprised that other people she invited turned up at her gig. She gave me a high-five and repromised to have that picture with me that I asked for on her Facebook wall as payment for me showing up.

Below is a video of one of her cover songs that night. This time the song is by Alanis Morrisette. Aside from her sidekick guitarist, she was joined by her boyfriend, Carlo (the lucky bastard), as her drummer.

After her second set, Caren came over to our table to chat with me for a bit. She usually chats up people at her gigs. It's part of the warmth she exudes which I find appealing. She kept her promise of having a picture with me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay to catch her 3rd set. Before I left, I mentioned if she ever needed a percussionist for her acoustic gigs, that I can fill in. She liked the idea and asked for my mobile number. She texted me the next day after noticing that I uploaded another video of her on YouTube.

Hopefully she does ask me to jam with them on one of her acoustic gigs. If not, I'm just glad to share in that side of her music.


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