Thursday, September 22, 2011

Urbandub at 19 East Once Again

After the fun-filled bustling week in my personal life prior to this particular night (watched Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn), I felt like my Saturday night would be utterly boring if I didn't go out and do something. I decided to watch one of my favorite bands Urbandub at the SonicBoom event at 19 East last August 13, 2011. My friend Joseph asked me what I was up to. So I invited him to come along to 19 East with me. He brought his wife, Sarah, along, and the three of us die-hard Urbandub fans headed to 19 East after meeting up at my place.

19 East has always been a pleasure to hang out in given how nice the place is, and how good the gear and acoustics of the place sounds. This particular night was no exception. We got in soon after of the crowd piled in the place. We were lucky to even get a table at the back when we arrived.

We watched a few bands prior to Urbandub. One band of note is a new band by former Dicta License vocalist, called Malay. The frontman had so much rockstar pull that all of Urbandub along with other known musicians like Audry of General Luna, etc. all piled in from outside just to watch the band. Malay's music was certainly a big departure from how Rage Against the Machine influed Dicta License sounded back in the day. It wasn't all that bad for a 3 piece band.

Below is a video of Urbandub's performance of "Gravity" that night. Janjan, Urbandub's drummer, couldn't make it for this particular gig. So the band got Subscapular's drummer to fill in again. It was getting odd that I've been watching Urbandub's gigs with the sessionist drummer more often than the regular drummer. The sessionist was started to seem like the regular drummer. This is the only video I took that night that I'm gonna post because the other videos had too many protruding heads, or macking couples obstructing my Zoom Q3HD's view. LOL!


Joseph, Sarah, and I were busy getting drunk off of Red Horse bottles and Cuervo shots while watching Urbandub's set. There's really just something about their music that makes you want to drink some more. Before we knew it, we were singing all the lyrics to their songs up loud aside from Sarah incessantly fangirl screaming. The people around us couldn't help but notice. But we didn't care about the people around us. We went to 19 East to have fun, and that's what we did.

After Urbandub's set, we went over to the band to get some pictures with them. Sarah most especially wanted to have pictures with the band because she kept missing out the last times Joseph and I watched them perform.

Personally, I just wanted another picture with Lalay, the bassist. /sigh

Another fun night. More to come.


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