Saturday, September 24, 2011

SunDownMuse at Last Home

Our SunDownMuse gig at Last Home last August 26, 2011 was also symbolic of many "firsts". This was the first SunDownMuse gig sporting our new lead guitarist Gigo. I was the one who suggested to Briggs to bring Gigo into SunDownMuse. Gigo was a perfect fit not only for his guitar skills, but because he had very little issues with himself and others. Gigo was already playing with us for another band, Rolling Paper Soctiety, which is a cover band of 70s classic rock tunes. So we already knew how he approaches music and how he meshes well with myself, Briggs, and Islaw both as musicians and as friends.

(The next pictures in this post are from Dash Lee of Plasma Graphics.)

It was also the first time in a very long time that we felt the band was "drama-free". Everybody was comfortable with the style and skill of each band member. We were also all relatively settled in our personal lives, and therefore didn't bring any major personal issues into the band.

Andrew, our drummer, was especially excited to play this gig since he got the gig for the band. The event was a Blaster Productions event, who are all essentially friends that he grew up with musically. Given that most of them have continued music when he went on a haitus post-Mindbender, the excitement was shared by himself and his peers to see him strut his stuff again behind a drum kit.

Below are videos taken by my good friend Joseph using my Zoom Q3HD of our entire set that night. Apparently the bassist of Mistress was smug enough to just keep putting his beer bottle in plain view of my video camera. However, the guy was apparently on to something because the beer in the foreground gave the videos a beer-stained bar feel.



"Driven To Tears" (Cover)

Islaw, our bassist, was driving lightning fast on the way to this gig as he was running really late for call time. So when he arrived, he was so speed-amped up that it showed in our "Driven To Tears" cover. He was the one who was telling Andrew to go faster at the beginning. In my opinion, we were going way too fast for me to catch up since my conga part was already in double time in the first place. Islaw! Too Fast! LOL!


"The Writer"

I believe we've only played "The Writer" around once or twice in the past when we had Jerold and Noel as our drummers. Throwing Andrew's drumming style into the mix resulted in a reinterpretation of the song completely.


I was still toiling in the peak midst of my cluster headache cycle during this gig. So I didn't drink anything alcohol for fear that it might trigger a headache attack. Coke was my best friend that night. I was surrounded by good friends, my bandmates, as well as Joseph, Roland, Guy, and Millet. So pre and post-gig at Last Home was enjoyable nonetheless.

SunDownMuse had a gig under the same production at Route 196 the following week which I wasn't able to join. And we had another gig at Last Home again under Blaster. Islaw couldn't make it to that gig so we got Paramita's/Mr. Anderson's bassist to fill in. But that set digressed to people in the band and in the crowd swapping in and out of each instrument and playing covers that any configuration of members know. I was the only one that didn't change out because frankly nobody really knew how to do percs, or just plainly didn't feel like it. I was perfectly fine with that. I got to jam with everybody the whole time.

SunDownmuse is back to the practice studio all of September to refine our act. We know we can be tighter than how we've played the past few gigs. So when we get back out there again. We'll hopefully be even more entertaining.


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