Sunday, September 11, 2011

SunDownMuse and Julianne

A lot has happened that's blog-worthy since the last time I posted in here. But I just got caught up with everything between work and my increasingly busy personal life, that I really haven't gotten around documenting all the highlights the past month and half. Rather than get into the recent woes that I've been going through, I'll just play catch up with the good things that have happened since my last post.

I actually skipped over this particular night. But I'll get into it in this post. This night is about SunDownMuse's first gig in a long time. Not counting the gig we had at my company Christmas party last year, this band hasn't gigged in over a year. We were fortunate to be invited by Sari-Sari Sounds at their launch party at B-Side last July 1, 2011.


There were a few "first"s and one "last", about this gig. This was the first gig of the band in a long time. This was also the first gig with our new drummer Andrew. We only had about 2 practices with this new drummer. So we weren't as tight as we should be. However, the band wanted to gig so badly. So there we were, we took the gig invite without hesitation.

This was also the last gig of our lead guitarist Charles. I am saddened by this more than he knows. But I've obviously lost track with the guy despite my attempts every so often to keep in touch. But all that is another story entirely.

Below are a few videos that my friend Joseph took of our set that night, using my Zoom Q3HD.



It was such a great feeling to be gigging with this band again. I've been largely frustrated that SunDownMuse wasn't gigging. So I would try to jam or gig with other bands as much as I could. Hence, my recent gigs with Liquid Jane, Nimbus 9, and Jack Versus the Crab. But I grew up with SunDownMuse. And I've always saw my bandmates as some of my closest friends. So to gig with SunDownMuse was a homecoming of sorts.


She and her band played right after us. So this was definitely a double treat for me. Unfortunately, Julianne broke a string. She was shook up as to how to pull off her set. The band had to change it up a little. And her discomfort due to the missing string showed. However, I think she pulled it off nicely regardless. Below are videos of her set that night.


"Tulak ng Bibig"



She's played way better than this at other gigs. So when I get to watch another one of her gigs, I will definitely have videos to show how talented and confident this girl really is. Don't write her off with the videos you see in this post.

After their set, I approached her and her percussionist Deej. I introduced myself as the one who uploaded a bootleg recording on YouTube of her song "Unsaid" in Naga back in 2009. She instantly recognized me as "that guy sundowndos". I blogged about that particular YouTube upload and consequent reaction of Julianne here. And she quickly followed up with "Hey, I still need a copy of that audio track", which I re-promised to send her when I can. I managed to get a picture with her and Deej being the fanboy that I am.

My Blackberry sucks at low light even with the flash on. And I messed up Joseph's picture with them. I ended up cutting Julianne's face in half when I took the picture. Ugh. That's alcohol for you. (Yes, I blame the alcohol. LOL)

I was glad to be out with my bandmates that night. So boozing was definitely in order. I apparently got thoroughly drunk because I can't remember anything past Julianne's set. I was coaxing everyone to drink and as I got any one of my band members or friends to agree to a shot or a glass of something, I would get the same. I only remember snippets here and there. At that level of drunkedness, I suppose I get to be such a blabber mouth. Briggs told me I was a barrel of laughs. But I do remember Carol pinching me hard that night, to shut me up before I blurted out something that might piss off somebody. I was worried about that days after. But Briggs reassured me that I didn't do anything offensive. Thank goodness.

Since I don't remember much else from that night, I will end this post here. I'll play catch up with this blog over the next few days. Particularly the crazy, wild, and fun 1-2 weeks I had last month.


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