Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saying Words I do Mean...

As I enjoyed the first few minutes/hours of my friend Jhonjee's 30th birthday party, here are a few snippets I will quote:

"Please stop me if I start getting loud"-Me (I tend to get overly honest and insulting when I get drunk at times, I didn't want to ruin Jhonjee's night.)

"Behave you guys"-Jhonjee's wife (indicating how we should treat the two girls that our friend Blue brought with him to the party)

I'm generally a docile guy. But when I've drank quite a few drinks, I may blurt out what's on my mind that has a possibility of being offensive to other people.

Given this, when I do say something off the top of my head in my drunken stupor, it's also the most genuine that I get. Most people haven't figured it out yet it seems. That if you want the full unbridled truth about something. You ask me when I've had my 7th glass of Jack Coke.

Jhonjee and his family, gave me a ride home just a few hours ago. The party winded down to just a few of Jhonjee's core friends. But they all had rides/cars to head home with except me. I was thinking I would take a cab home like I always do when I get drunk off a gig or a gimik. But Jhonjee and his family were nice enough to give me a ride home.

When the van pulled over to my appartment building. I opened the side door and started stepping out of the van. I uttered a few words to Jhonjee that were the most genuine words I've ever uttered in a long time.

I said...

"Don't worry about being 30."

"It's just as screwed up as always."

"But you have beautiful children."

"And a wonderful wife."

I usually don't pay someone a compliment but I felt Jhonjee needed one on his special day. And to be honest, I uttered those words in envy as well.

Jhonjee is 30 years old. But he has two beautiful children and a wonderful wife to show for it. My friends Charles and Vinnie came over later that night with my beautiful 1 month old goddaughter. I got to jam with Charles earlier which I haven't done in a long ass time. That felt great.

Some of my other friends, have bashed me for not having a fling or girlfriend in my life because I'm either too stupid or too slow to do anything. In all my intelligence that has paved the way for higher levels of responsibility in my career, I can't even find and get a girl in my life that is right for me. Even if it's just about sex, or something more than that. I know I'm pathetic. I just don't need to be reminded of it for a good laugh.

Which brings me back to my good friend Jhonjee. Happy Birthday, my friend. I only wish that I would be as fortunate as you someday.



Euri said...

Okaerinasai!! =3

There are people who marries early in their life and there are people who marries late too. Don't worry about your age. You're not that old. It'll soon come. Sabi nga nila, it ain over 'til it's over. :D

Ganbatte!!! =)

Chi said...

30 isn't old
sounds cheesy but it'll come when you least expect it, probably when youre not even looking for it

Anonymous said...


Thanks for warming up to my family! its great to know that the extended group of friends is getting bigger and bigger.

That said, i have one solution for you, its called "pikot".


dyosa said...

yep, Chi's right. 30 isn't old. :-)