Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vexille... It's so Beautiful... Sniff Sniff...

My friend and prolific writer, Ayen Rivera, and I have been recommending to each other anime or TV series that is guarranteed to blow our minds. Knowing Ayen, I only recommend anything that's cerebral tinged with eerieness. I recommended this anime called Death Note and this TV series called Dexter; both of which involved a serial killer. What Ayen threw at me was not similar along the lines of what I recommended him, but it equally amazed me all the same.

The CG anime movie Ayen recommended is titled Vexille. For you Final Fantasy: Advent Children fans out there, this is right up your alley in terms of graphical beauty and complexity. However, what separates this from the oozingly kirei CG of Advent Children, is that the people and characters in Vexille were stylized to provide an anime feel. The cell-shading effect on the people were amazing, up against the backdrop of everything else being surreally photorealistic.

The story is great too. From the background tale of repeated isolanationism of Japan, to the Appleseed/Ghost in the Shell type of technology and setting.

Some of the most awesome scenes involve a borrowed theme from Dune with a very tasteful future technology twist. I won't say what it is. It's best to get the movie and watch it.

Just to wet your taste buds, below is a YouTube video showing all 3 trailers aired in Japan of this movie. It's subbed in English. So you won't have trouble understanding the commentary and movie dialogue. Enjoy!

Now go get the damn movie! I got the 720p version of it and watched it in all its high-def splendor. I'm so glad I bought my Samsung 32' LCD TV.


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