Friday, March 28, 2008

Blue Man Group...

The last time I watched these guys was 2-3 years ago, when my sister took me to Ashton Theater in New York. I kinda knew who they were from their funny Intel commercial marketing the (back then) new Pentium 4 processor. My sister and I claimed our reserved tickets at the booth and proceeded inside. Our seats were at the 3rd row and I noticed that the 1st 3 rows had clear plastic jackets that you apparently have to wear for the duration of the show. That got me both scared and excited because this must mean that the 1st 3 rows of the theather will definitely get wet. I won't tell you if we actually got wet or not. But I will tell you that the jackets definitely serve a purpose as part of the overall feel of the show. Oh that, and tons of toilet paper (LOL!). When the show started I was amazed of the show from start to finish.

The Blue Man Group is essentially a trio of blue skinned, bald aliens that express themselves through rock music with melodic percussion. Since they're aliens, they are free to put a quirky spin on anything that's trivial and routinary to us humans such as eating, chewing gum, etc. The melodic percussion they play utilize many non-traditional make-shift instruments. The instruments I like the most are the ones that are put together with dozens of PVC tubing. Each open tube is a note that resonates really well when you strike it with a stick or paddle.

No matter how much I describe it, you will only really get how good this show is if you watch it yourself. They got so popular that they've even gone on rock tours. And currently, they have many satellite Blue Man Groups around the world such as Berlin, Tokyo, etc. They even have two albums out in music stores. I bought both of them and their concert DVD of course.

Just to give you a preview, below are some YouTube videos of portions of their performance that I love. Check them out. This is a video of "Drumbone. It's really hilarious but way cool at the same time.

This is a video of "It's Time To Start". I was doing all the rock movements when I watched them live.

And lastly, for all you Who fans out there, this is video of a cover they did of "Baba O'Riley".

I wanna be a Blue Man. I really do. LOL!



Pinay In America said...

OMG, Dos! I so love them too! O, don't forget to give us free tickets pag blueman ka na ah! hehe! Miss you, friend!

Myls said...

ooh ooh! i know this blue man group! saw them in the Ellen show. hahaha! ang kulit!!!

Pinay In America said...

Naku that's so true, Myls! I watched it live here in Omaha in Nov of 2006... soooo kulit --- ang galeng!!! Meron naman ngayong April --- Cirque de Soleil... I sure hope they're as good as the Blueman Group!