Monday, March 3, 2008

Listening/Mixing Session for "Burned"...

Briggs (my band's vocalist/guitarist), Roland (sound engineer extraordinaire), and I all gathered at my appartment last Saturday night, to listen and make some tweaks to a mixed version of the song "Burned". Which, of course, will make its way to our album.

Islaw (our bassist), was there for a while as well. But he really just came over to get his gig money from the Citibank Office Party gig, and to borrow my downloaded episodes of Prison Break Season 3. What a leech that guy. But I have so much love for that leech. :)

We spent the whole night scrutinizing every instrument and every track; adjusting volumes, adding effects, etc. The one part we really kept knit-picking on, was the break. Briggs wanted the percussions to be up loud. She wanted to add some definition to the "kaskas" of her rhythm guitar. We came up with the idea of panning Charles' (our lead guitarist) guitar part left to right and back, throughout the break segment. This added a more "spacey" vibe to Charles' guitar part for the section.

We made a number of tweaks that night. But the best ideas we came up with were two things. The first was while fixing the back-up vocal tracks. I got an idea of panning the first "Everytime" all the way to the left and the second "Everytime" all the way to the right. So it's like there are three Briggs' singing. That came out very nicely actually.

The second tweak, which I'm really proud of, is the reverse vocals effect we tried to do on a particular line of Briggs' vocals going into the break. Basically, I asked Roland to reverse each syllable in that line, add some reverb and tack it on the beginnning of each syllable in the lead vocal track. It gave it a very spacey/eerie vibe. I still kept listening to that part over and over again 2 days after our mixing session.

All this most probably doesn't make sense right now. But you will eventually when we release our album. Which we are hoping will come out in the next few months. I'm not going to say when exactly it will be released because we've already been down that path of setting a deadline and not hitting it.

We've been recording for 3 years now. We haven't finished yet due to mishaps with 6Underground studios back when they were still in C. Palanca St. in Makati, schedule conflicts due our day jobs, certain personal hardships that happened in the past, etc. But now, we're almost done recording, and we're starting to enter into the mixing stage. So we're almost there. I can't wait for our album to come out.


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