Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jack Daniel's JD Set Philippines: Jack Versus the Crab Voting Party at Handlebar

It's been some time since this gig.  But I'd better post about it before it just muddles into the blur of countless other gigs. This was Jack Versus the Crab's Voting Party for the Jack Daniel's JD Set Philippines band competitions last March 28, 2012. We were fortunate that Handlebar in Makati was the venue for our voting party.

It was unfortunate that I had to bail out on my SunDownMuse bandmates that night. They had a gig at the Paramita Voting Party at Black Kings' Bar that night. I had to prioritize Jack Versus the Crab given that we were the headliner band that night, as opposed to just being one of the front acts for Paramita at BKB.

There wasn't a lot of people at Handlebar by any stretch. It was a mix of the regular happy hour crowd, friends we invited, and some people walking in to check out who was playing that night. I've seen the place way more packed than that night. But the number of people present at the time felt cozy rather than rowdy.

As always with Jack Daniel's events, we had our complimentary bottles of Jack Daniel's for the band.  In all honesty, I was avoiding having to hit the Jack bottles because I had work early the next day. This annoyed me at the time since I was just a part-time consultant for my company back then. And having me come in that early was a little above and beyond my part-time charter. (I was being a brat, I know). After some time, I succumbed to the calling of my best friend Jack Daniel's, aside from our band leader incessantly bugging me to drink.

We were the only band for the night. So we got to play two long sets. Below are videos that my good friend Joseph took of us using my Zoom Q3HD.

What's Goin' On?"

Come Together (Cover)

Give Me One Reason (Cover)

The two covers I just showed were unique and a joy to play. The beautiful Chase Shelleé joined us for these covers. Her sultry vocals actually gave flavor to the band's sound.


I particularly screwed up on my solo on our last song "The Song I Never Finished". That's not even just an insecure remark on my part. I was totally off at the time for some reason. But somehow, people were distracted with alcohol influenced personalities that kept coming up on stage to bother noticing my screw-ups. That suited me just fine. LOL!

I think Jack Daniel's will have us do one more voting party some time this month. And then they're going to narrow down the Chosen 7 bands down to 3. Whether or not we actually make it to the top 3, it certainly has been a fun and worthwhile ride for me.


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