Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jack Daniel's JD Set Philippines: Jack Versus the Crab Video Interview

I came across a video by At The Womb of Jack Versus the Crab's video interview being part of the Jack Daniel's JD Set Chosen 7 in the Philippines.  The taping of this interview actually happened almost a year ago. So there are past members of the band that are in the video. We had a photo shoot prior to the interview where they made me wear make-up. The photo shoot was a horrid experience that will never happen again, mind you. But the video interview (I washed off the make-up by then) came out surprisingly nice.

Yes, I know they spelled my name wrong in the video. Waxie and Fritz spoke mostly during the portion of the interview that they used as material to edit. However, I was surprised that they snuck in a few words from me. I ended up having the last say. Sweet!

For those of you who would like to support us during this long JD Set band competitions, please go to the link below and Facebook "like", Twitter "tweet", and Google "+1" the page itself.  All that count as votes for my band.


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