Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jack Daniel's JD Set Philippines: Jack Versus the Crab Live Performance on Dig Radio

One of my bands, Jack Versus the Crab, did a live show on Dig Radio last Saturday, May 26, 2012. We joined the other JD Set 7 bands for the ongoing Jack Daniel's JD Set Philippines band competition.

Dig Radio is actually not a bonafied broadcasting radio station. They're an internet video streaming kind of radio station. We got to Dig Radio really early since our call time was 12:00PM. I was surprised that the Dig Radio office was actually right opposite saGuijo where I play often with my other 2 bands. The office is rather nice and obviously pretty well funded.

The schedule was set where one of the 7 bands would be interviewed while another band would be setting up for their live performance. Then a hand-off would happen to shift the broadcast to the band to air their live set.

We were scheduled to play our set by 2:10PM. Unfortunately, with all the personnel and technical delays between Dig Radio and Jack Daniel's, we only got to start playing around 4:30PM. We were the first band scheduled to play. So I found it annoyingly amusing that they asked us to sound check 2-3 times.

Below is the resulting live broadcast of the entire show.

The cuts between band interviews and live performances had a few hiccups along they way. So it's best if you start at 39:37 in the video to catch my band's set.

This is actually the last Jack Daniel's event until the JD Set Tour Finale at Music Museum this coming June 1, 2012. Dig Radio opened up text voting for the competitions. So if you want to vote for Jack Versus the Crab, text the following:

Text "JD 1" to 2948

"2948" goes for all mobile networks. Make sure that there is an actual space between "JD" and "1". You can check out the real-time results of the text voting at the link below.


After the finale event, Jack Daniel's will narrow the bands from the 7 down to the top 3. It doesn't seem like we'll make it to the Top 3. But here's hoping that we do. If we don't make it to the top 3, then it's all fine and good. It's been an amazing and lengthy tour. And I'm just glad to even be a part of it in the first place.



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