Sunday, May 13, 2012

Awesome Hang Player + Drummer Performance

Ever since I got my Bali Steel Pan, I've been increasingly checking out hand pan videos on YouTube. I came across this guy named Rafael Sotomayer. He has a YouTube channel called "TheArtOfFusion". He's been playing the original Hang for years now. You can tell that he has increased the number of Hangs he has over the years. How he's able to acquire 4 or more Hangs from the makers is baffling to me, especially since I had difficulty even just trying to get one for myself. Lucky bastard.

The video below is one of his songs that I particularly like from his solo album called "Rhizonism". The video is a live outdoor performance with a drummer.

The crowd responded very well to their performance, and for good reason. I'll be getting a second Bali Steel Pan soon. I hope to be as good as Rafael some day.


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