Sunday, December 4, 2011

Awesome Weekend Part 1: SunDownMuse at the Keg

This is a long overdue series of blog posts. To be honest, the gigs keep coming week after week. And while each gig is uniquely fun, it's starting to become a blur. So I'll probably end up not blogging about a gig or two if it wasn't all that memorable.

This post is the start of the 4 night musical weekend I had starting from October 27 to October 30. This was one of those very tiring weekends where I pushed it once again because I know if I didn't, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I played with SunDownMuse at the Keg, Fort Strip, for an H2Rock event. The first time I played at the Keg was when I jammed with my bandmate Gigo during his acoustic gig back in September 29, 2011. We were just a duo back then. So we were definitely in for a treat this time around since we are playing with a full band.

(All pictures and videos on this post belong to the management of the Keg)


Out of all the bands that played before us that night, I'm a fan of two of them. Although not part of the original band line-up for the event, Reklamo was invited to play. Like I've mentioned before, I've known these guys for quite some time now. I continue to be a fan of their music. Their gigil/loud/rock-out vibe has always been entertaining.


Admittedly, I started paying attention to this duo because of Sarah Gaugler. Half of the reason why I'm a fan is because Sarah is really attractive. But of course, the other half leans towards my taste of industrial/electronica beats much like groups like Drip, etc.  It was a shame though that the sound techs didn't really know what they were doing. So either the beats, guitar, or vocals would be drowned out. It took 2-3 full songs before they could figure it all out. But by then, Turbogoth was already down to their last song. I still enjoyed their set. But the regular listeners that night probably didn't appreciate it as much as they should've.


It finally came around to our turn to play. Now, the Keg has a weird floor area that doesn't really lend well to full band set-ups. It's really just a long curved corridor with a "cul de sac" of sorts at the end. Normally they would try to cram a full band set up right before that "cul de sac". But for that night, they actually moved the band set up back. This gave the bands more room. But also kind of cut off the vision of the crowd to be able to see the bands. This means only the people in front can really see the bands play. The people at the tables near the bar, couldn't.

Despite how the venue's area is structured, I was relieved that the band set up was further back, and that there was actually space. As always, finding myself a chair to sit on while I set up my stuff has proved to be difficult regardless of venue. So I decided to plant myself on the banister/bench on the side. Now that made me more hidden than the rest of the band. But I didn't really care at that point. I just wanted to play.

Below is a video that the owner of the Keg took of us playing. You'll notice there how tucked away I was that night. LOL!

The set was so short-lived given that the production had a lot of bands in it. But it was a lot of fun, nonetheless.

Briggs used to be neighbors with Sarah Gaugler and her boyfriend. So we hung out with them and even treated them to a few drinks. Yes, drinking on a Thursday night. This was really the start of a very boozy, yet musical weekend.


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