Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Awesome Weekend Part 3: SunDownMuse at Capone's

On to the third part of the musical weekend. I had a gig with SunDownMuse at the Sari-Sari Sounds event at Capone's Bistro last October 29, 2011.

Drinking and gigging for two nights in a row prior left me in a haze and exhausted. But I still didn't want to pass up a gig. I was surprised that there wasn't a whole lot of people on a Saturday at Capone's. I guess the event wasn't marketed all that well. The number of people there came very close to just the organizers, the bands, and friends. That amounted to a decently sized crowd but nowhere near packed, of course.

Bands of note from that night were Cheeba and Severo. Severo has been lurking around the scene for as long as we have. They also went on haitus for a while and just resurfaced recently like us. It was funny that the vocalist mentioned that he remembers us from the Club SEx days. Club SEx being short for Club Sound Experience, ehem. Those were the days when I first joined SunDownMuse. So the Severo vocalist's memory of us was obviously from eons ago.

Below are a few videos from our set that night. Ela was nice enough to wield my Zoom Q3HD to record our set. Carol surprisingly was taking video of us playing too. The audio gain on my Zoom Q3HD was set to high. So the audio didn't come out so good. So I ended up splicing the audio from Carol's Flip video recording to the video from my Zoom Q3HD.


"The Writer"

I suppose my snowball hangover and exhaustion from two nights of boozing and gigging got to me when we didn't play our last song "Unfuck" so well. I got instantly annoyed and acted a little crabby to my bandmates. Of course, that was uncalled for really even though I did have valid points to make about how badly we played our last song. Our drummer had problems with his kick pedal kept getting dislodged from the kick drum. Our bassist kept negotiating with us on stage on which song to play next. That and a few more other trivial things nabbed at me. Regardless, I apologized to the band. Carol talked to me about what was wrong with me. I guess it came down to exhaustion plus anxiety about my situation at work. It's nice to have bandmates who are your good friends to boot. It allows for some slack to be given to you when you have moments of weakness like that and act immaturely.

I was able to shrug off whatever abstract issue(s) I was having and enjoyed the company of my bandmates and some of their +1s for that night. Gigo and I stuck around to watch the jam of the Sari-Sari Sounds organizers. It was not bad at all to be honest. The vocalist was from a band called Out of Body Special that I remember watching back in the day. His melodic rapping/singing rang nicely in my ears. But alas, after a while Gigo and I felt it prudent to head on home as well. I did take video of them jamming. But I just haven't gotten around reviewing it and possibly editing and uploading it on YouTube. Perhaps some day I'll get around to it when I have time to kill.

Third night in a row of gigging and my chick-like tampo-spree at the end of our set left a slightly bad taste in my mouth so to speak. So I knew I had to make it up to my bandmates some time. I was having too much fun I suppose, yet my musical weekend had one more day to go. I got it in my head to at least try to snap out of it and enjoy the rest of that weekend.


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