Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Awesome Weekend Part 2: Jack Versus the Crab at JD Set Fright Night

On to part deux of this weekend. This night was my gig with Jack Versus the Crab at the Jack Daniel's Fright Night event at Eastwood Central Plaza last October 28, 2011. I was so stoked to do this gig coming off a hectic work week.

My crafty suki cab driver, Bert, actually got me to Eastwood earlier than my band's meet up time. So I actually over-estimated the amount of time I needed to get there because I was afraid traffic would delay me significantly. So by the time I showed up near Blue Onion at Eastwood, none of my bandmates were there yet. Luckily our band PA was already there. So Waxie instructed him to come over to where I was to help me carry my gear. Phew!

(All pictures were taken by Maritoni unless otherwise noted.)

The backstage area was just as awesome as the last time we had a Jack Daniel's gig at Eastwood. Each band had their usual designated tables. It was cool that our table was actually right beside Urbandub's table. So I was quietly fanboying over Urbandub the entire night.

One by one my bandmates started trickling in and of course the boozing started soon after that. As always with these Jack Daniel's gigs, there was an inordinate amount of alcohol on our table. There are a lot of us in the band. So the amount of Jack Daniel's required for the night had to be multiplied equal to the number of people wanting to drink. That's not even counting the +1s, like Maritoni, Windi, etc.

Instead of the usual host Roanna, I was amusingly surprised that Hank was hosting the event. Hank was donning his full-on Jack Sparrow costume coupled with his Jack Sparrow antics. It was a Halloween party after all. And Hank was definitely a good choice to host that particular event.

My good friend Joseph soon followed after his shift at work. I was able to get him in backstage so he can join in on the band's fun. The excuse "he's my PA" usually works. Well, that's not a total lie. He does help me with my gear and all.

When it was finally our turn to play. I noticed that the organizers finally made better use of the real estate on the stage. The monitors were spread out so the bands don't have to be boxed in so much. They also had two full band set-ups complete with amps and separate drum kits. This made transitions from one band to the next a lot smoother since the next band can already start setting up on one side of the stage while the previous band was still packing up their gear.

(The next 3 pictures were taken by Joy Picar. Thanks Joy! They came out great!)

We played exceptionally long that night for a 4 song set. We were having so much fun and it was one of Ramon's last gigs with us. So we took advantage of the opportunity. That and the fact that Waxie brought up a bottle of Jack Daniel's onstage. So we can continue drinking while playing. The boozing onstage helped a bit for me personally because playing on a big stage and looking down on the crowd was just as daunting for me that night as it was the last time we played a Jack Daniel's event at Eastwood.

Below are videos taken by Joseph during our set that night.


"The Song I Never Finished"

Soon after we finished our set. One of the organizers asked us to come over to the concert entrance for a video interview with Jack TV. I haven't actually seen them air that interview we had. Well, that's more because I don't have cable TV. We were goofing around while the Jack TV crew was setting up for our interview. That was hilarious. I hope they didn't tape our antics while waiting. LOL

After watching the rest of the JD Set 7 bands and a few more from Sonic Boom, it was Urbandub's turn to play. Below are videos I took from their set that night. \m/

"First of Summer"

"A New Tattoo"

Urbandub was tight as always and the crowd was thoroughly entertained. It was actually a little challenging trying to take videos of the band playing because of how the crowd just bunched up as much as they could in front of the stage.

The rest of that night was a blur. Just like the previous Jack Daniel's Eastwood gig, we were still drinking when people were packing up the stage and all the gear. My suki cab driver picked me and Joseph up, and we proceeded back to my place.

2nd night in a row of music, booze, and good friends. I was loving it already. And to think the weekend just started.


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