Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Best in You

I never really got around to blogging about this particular gig last year.  I will probably chronicle the events of that day/night in detail in a separate post later on.  I'll just put in a short description here for now.

I brought one of my bands, Jack Versus The Crab, to play at my sister Jo's wedding last year.  Paid a lump sum of money to bring in the sound system and lights for even Vince's side of the family to partake in with their own music.  I played my heart out that night in front of family that have never seen me play before (especially at 10:10 in the video below).  This was one of those rare moments where you bring out the best in you. And you share it with the few people you truly love.  I felt appreciated.  I felt loved.  I felt alive.  I was happy.


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