Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Handpan Videos Featured in Hardcase Technologies YouTube Channel

I came across a YouTube channel by Hardcase Technologies.  They specialize in making hard cases for musical instruments particularly for handpans and DJ equipment.  Their handpan polybag case is amazing actually.  It's the first ever bag/case I've seen that is actually sturdy enough for airplane travel.  I may consider getting one or two for my Bali Steel hanpans some day.

While I was looking through their YouTube channel, I noticed that they made playlists for each of the different handpan types; from PanArt Hang to even my particular handpans, Bali Steel.  I was surprised and flattered to see that two of my handpan videos were in their Bali Steel playlist.  Below are screenshots showing that my handpan videos made their way into the Hardcase Technologies YouTube channel. I included the link to specific playlist as well.

Obviously, I'm no ensorsers of their products.  Nor am I even qualified in terms of skill and popularity to be one.  It was just pleasant to find out that yet another person felt some of my handpan videos were a good example of what Bali Steel handpans sound like.  I embedded the two handpan videos here that Hardcase Technologies put in their channel.

/ear to ear smile


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