Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Week Part 1: SunDownMuse at Black Kings' Bar

I finally get around blogging about my birthday celebration last week.  But I felt it prudent to break it up to a few posts since a lot happened practically every night of last week.

I'll kick this series of posts off with my gig with SunDownMuse at Black Kings' Bar last February 13, 2012. I requested for a leave from work the week prior and got it approved. So it was such a joy to sleep in that day and just look forward to non-work related festivities.

I had practice with one of my other bands, Jack Versus the Crab, at Blue Light Studios that afternoon. It was nice to see my bandmates from that band after being in a 1-2 month gigging haitus. I was particularly happy to see our drummer Fritz, "Dr. Sticks", again. The last time I saw Fritz was when I spent Christmas Eve with him and Windi's family.

I wasn't big on proclaiming that it was my birthday. Hence why my birthday is hidden in Facebook. So it wouldn't show up in people's News Feeds unless it was a Wall Post. I also didn't mention it during Jack Versus the Crab practice. It wasn't because I was hiding it. I just didn't really feel like making a big deal out of my birthday. The net effect of course, was less trivial birthday greetings and a clearer identification of who really knew it was my birthday from the beginning. The other net effect was my bandmates Fritz and Waxie throwing a playful hissy-fit days later upon hearing that it was indeed my birthday that Monday. Sorry!

Practice went smoothly despite not having our bassist. JR was back in the lead guitarist slot. Some people from Jack Daniel's/Rogue Magazine showed up at our practice to take some pictures and video of us.  So I suppose the practice ended up being a semi-show of sorts.

When practice concluded Waxie, Fritz, JR, and I grabbed a bite to eat somewhere to discuss some band issues. JR and I headed back to my apartment to pick up my percs gear for my SunDownMuse gig tonight. I gotta hand it to JR. I'm bandmates with him across 2 bands, Jack Versus the Crab, and his own band J.O.E. (JR Oca Experience). We've been hanging out together more often the past weeks. So we're good friends these days. He volunteered to essentially be my driver to pick up my percs gear and then head to my gig with SunDownMuse. Just so he can be there to celebrate my birthday.

Right before we left my apartment to head to Black Kings' Bar. Joseph called asking if we could wait for him as he was walking over to my apartment building. His work shift just ended at that time. So his call was perfect timing. So it was myself, JR, and Joseph that headed out to BKB together.

(All pictures here were taken by myself, Joi, and Binky.  Thanks you two!)

My bandmates from SunDownMuse and their respective partners started trickling in. I was treating everybody to beers, Jack Daniel's, and whatever food/pica-pica they wanted. It was certainly a night filled with booze and food.

To my surprise, Marco, one of the owners of BKB and his girlfriend were serving us our drinks and food instead of any assigned waiters. Apparently, most if not all the waiters, quit at the same time. Their waiters seriously lacked skills anyway. But at the same time, I felt a little bad for Marco and his girlfriend doing all that work for us. It was really nice of them.

Below are some videos Joseph took of us playing that night. He used my Zoom Q3HD as always. Joseph never tires taking videos of my gigs. He's such a good friend.



Since we were the last band for the night, Marco got up on stage and invited people to jam. So the rest of the night at BKB was different combinations of musicians going up on stage to share their music. Marco and Alsy from Paramita, JR, Gigo, myself and a whole slew of other musicians came up to jam at different times. I was the only percussionist. But I did allow some people to use my percs gear for fun.

Some of my SunDownMuse bandmates, JR, and Joseph wanted to drink a little more before calling it a night. Unfortunately, we tapped out BKB's liquor supply. So we decided to change venue. It was a nice way to cap off a great night.

The night was also a great way for me to kick off my week filled with birthday festivities.


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