Sunday, February 12, 2012

Acoustic Nights with Gigo at the Keg

I've slowed down on blogging every single gig I've been having. When you're gigging anywhere from 1-3 times a week, I suppose it's natural that documenting every single one gets a little tedious. Amongst my current job instability and the search for my next opportunity, music continues to be a safe haven and source of happiness. Aside from being in 3 great bands (SunDownMuse, JR Oca Experience J.O.E., and Jack Versus The Crab), I also play percs for my bandmate Gigo at his acoustic gigs at the Keg, Fort Strip.

Gigo has been doing this acoustic thing solo for quite some time prior to joining SunDownMuse. He wanted to gig so badly that he decided to go solo just to satiate his performance hunger. He invited me go play percs for him late last year. And I have quite a few gigs with him at the Keg since then.

These acoustic gigs gave me a chance to play my cajon. I bought my cajon years ago from Popo (drummer of Moonstar 88, All For Patricia, etc.). It was a custom cajon sporting a larger body and 6 strings underneath the hood. This was a lot better than the standard cajons you can buy from music stores. And at the time I bought it, it looked sexier than most.

It's also interesting to note that the initial invented style of my percussion playing, that's more a snare and kick drum style, actually fits quite well on a cajon. Of course, I'm not really playing the cajon the way it's supposed to be played. But it's good enough for me to follow Gigo and enjoy playing.

Gigo's song selection spans as old as songs from the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Stone Temple Pilots, down to his all-time fave John Mayer.  He's a 90s boy just like me.  So a lot of what he plays also come from that era. He's also very much a blues kind of guitar player. So his song selection reflects those two things.

Below are some pictures and a video of our performances at the Keg the past few months. All of these are owned by the Keg management.

Gigo and I have a gig at Keg again soon. We'll be playing there this Thursday night, February 16, 2012. Below is the link to the Keg's Facebook fan page if anybody needs the address to the place.

If you got nothing to do this Thursday. Come join us. It'll be a whole lot of fun.


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