Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Band: The JR Oca Experience (JOE)

I haven't really blogged about a lot of the gigs that have been happening the month or so. I seem to have fizzled out detailing each and every gig given the sheer frequency of it these days. So this is my attempt to rekindle that. Or at least document it here, before they further just all get to be a blur.

One of my bandmates from "Jack Versus the Crab", JR, invited me to join his new band called JR Oca Experience (JOE for short). Now JR Oca is a veteran in the music scene. Some of the bands of note that he's been in are "Third World Project" on guitars and even fronted his own band "Alak Pa". My other bandmates are music scene veterans as well. Berns, the bassist, is from "All For Patricia" amongst a whole slew of other bands currently. Paulo, our drummer, is from a number of bands in the past like "Hale" and "Kjwan". Enzo, our trumpet player is the only veteran exception, like myself. He's my bandmate from "Jack Versus the Crab".

I've had a few gigs with JOE under my belt. JOE is currently recording an EP which I am fortunately a part of. I've recorded percs tracks for 2 of the songs for the EP so far.

It's a little difficult to describe what kind of music JOE plays. So I'll give video examples instead. Below is a video of the first time I jammed with the band. Totally unrehearsed, but somehow the skill of my bandmates just provided for relative ease to follow. This is a Yano cover.

Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo (Cover)

The next few videos is a whole set we had in Malate District bar during the first week of January 2012. It was the first gig I had for the year.

The Chicken (Cover)


Englishman in New York (Cover)

I could've played better especially on my solo on the last song. I haven't quite synched up with Paolo our drummer. But it's getting there especially coming off our Freedom bar gig last Saturday.

I'm fortunate that I am still continually invited to play in other bands despite my lack of skill. I think my selling point is more because I have decent percs gear. Something a little above and beyond your run of the mill djembe drum totting percs guy. But hey, I'll take anything I can get just to have the privilege to play with very talented veteran musicians.


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