Friday, January 27, 2012

My Bali Steel Pan Will Be Here Soon!

It's been around 9-10 months so far since I first emailed Bali Steel Pan expressing my interest in purchasing one of their hand pans. I remember blogging about it on the day Chris from Bali Steel Pan replied back to my email.

Yesterday, Chris emails me the following.


Would you like to order a hand pan now?
What scale are you interested in?

Thank you


Yes! The wait is almost over. I was sick yesterday. So I wasn't able to check my personal email then. I just replied back to him clarifying some payment and shipping details.

A few months ago, I emailed Chris asking about the status of my order and if it was possible to change the scale that I initially asked for to another scale that's listed on his website. He responded saying I can pick any scale I want when it's my turn on the order queue. So in my email response back to him just a few minutes ago, I asked for this scale instead.

Minor Pentatonic
F Bb C# Eb F G# Bb C# Eb

I am absolutely stoked to get my hands on a hand pan from Bali Steel Pan! (Pardon if you fumbled through reading that last sentence there. LOL)


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