Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lies, Betrayal, Ruin...

Today is a day I will get on my high horse and speak accordingly. I'm sick and tired of the evil that people spread around with no remorse for their actions.

Here are some truths about myself before I rant my heart out:

I have never cheated. This covers various forms of cheating, whether it is about relationships, or about my work.

I do not spin tales of deceit. I may tell a white lie here and there. But I don't outright lie continuously for days, weeks, months.

I can separate my personal life with my professional life. Although, at times, there are trying days where you can help but mix the two, generally I can say I can keep it separate.

This is the trifecta of truths about myself that is the basis of this post today. On to the ranting spree then.

One year and a few months ago was, in my mind at the time, the epitomy of being lied to, betrayed, and being ruined through absolutely no fault of my own. This person felt that they can have the best of both worlds by securing her financial future, and indulge in her sexual urges with someone else because I probably left them unsatisfied. I may have had faults in that past relationship. But I can safely say, I treated her well and was slowly making plans for a future with this person. But obviously that wasn't enough. I wasn't enough.

I have since then licked my wounds. Gathered all the broken pieces and rebuilt myself in a new work environment, and in essentially a new life as well. I realized a new found respect and appreciation for my family. And I found who my real friends were. They are very few. But I was sure who they were by that time.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I got promoted recently which puts me back on track with my career. Something of which was going nowhere back in my previous company. So I found a renewed confidence in myself and in my self-worth.

I started this new year with a smile on my face, while giving myself the proverbial pat on the back. My life was going great. My life continues to be going well until this day. And I am glad that the wheel of fortune hasn't swung around on me just yet.

However, these past few days and weeks, there are still people in my life capable of lies, betrayal, and ruin. And once again, through no fault of my own. People who I once knew to be loyal, skillful, and very professional friends, are actually no longer the people I knew them to be. Although, I've had a lengthy history with them, I was naive enough to think that they would never change for the worse. That you knew who they were at their core.

To pour acid in an already gaping wound, these people assume the worst of me as well. That I too am capable of the same evils they are now capable of doing. This is far from accurate. I had a few trials in my life recently that really tested myself on this. And I can safely say, that at my core, I am still a nice guy with some level of moral values retained.

It's also interesting to note that these people who saw right and wrong so clearly, digressed to the same level of warped reasoning as the person I mentioned earlier in this post. Aside from the lies, and the utter selfishness, it is astonishing that people of this nature are capable of cutting you down to pieces for their own personal self-esteem. Engaging in dirt digging and mud slinging to justify their evil actions is something that displays the immaturity of grade schooler or high schooler. It is obvious that some people disgress and not evolve from their current state. I now see these people being part of the same navel lint species as the person I mentioned earlier. All this immaturity from people who pretend to be righteous; when I wasn't and still do not engage in supposed battles against them. If I actually wanted to exact revenge and destroy someone, they will feel it. Even if I did have reason to strike back (which I do in every instance for the past year), conscience ultimately tells me not to engage in those kinds of activities.

I could go on and on with this. But I just realized that these people are not worth my precious time and energy to preach about any further. So I will end here. To all the gold digging, social climbing, false self-righteous, deceitful, back-stabbing people I'm referring to, I hope that you don't pass your morals and values to your children and your children's children. I will not wish hardship and the like upon you. I will just hope that the concept of karma does hold true for once.