Sunday, August 10, 2014

Handpan Diary #9 - Trials and Tribulations (Chromatic Spacedrum, August 10, 2014)

I was in a creative drought for quite a while. I had gigs every weekend for the last two months. Work has been bogging me down. But I still hang in there. So I have very little free time these days. All that prevented me from completing a composition I was working on with one my Bali Steel handpans. I was slipping into a rut. So I decided to write something for my Chromatic Spacedrum instead. Fortunately, I got a point where I think it's finished.

This particular piece of mine represents all the curve balls that I get thrown at at work. Between dealing with inflexibility, egos, and too many would be kings in one castle, it always feels like water filling up to the brim each day. This drowning feeling that is difficult to shake off. As always, I turn to my handpans to calm down and sort things out in my head. And my handpans have saved me once again.


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