Friday, June 28, 2013

Bali Steel Pan Diary #6: Restless Obscurity

I normally just treat each home recorded handpan video I upload to YouTube like a blog post.  But this time I decided to mirror it here.  So don't be surprised if the video's description on YouTube is the same as this blog post.

I wrote this particular composition as an outlet for the state of limbo that my head has been in lately.  That feeling where you don't really know what you feel.  I'm restless about something unknown.  Although, there is absolutely nothing plaguing me in my life.  I am lucky in my current life situation; luckier than most.  And again there is nothing going wrong at the moment. But why do I feel like there's something missing.

The handpan I used here is a Bali Steel Pan handpan. The sound model is a Minor Pentatonic: (F) Bb C# Eb F G# Bb C# Eb


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