Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spacedrum Handpan Order

On a whim, I decided to order a 13 note Spacedrum handpan online. It's much pricier than my Bali Steel handpans. But since I didn't win the Batch 3 lottery for a Pantheon Steel Halo, I figured Spacedrum was the way to go.

I've been a little frustrated at the fact that both my Bali Steel handpans combined didn't cover all notes in a chromatic scale.  So if I wanted to play a song that I like, most of the time I couldn't. I'd be missing some notes that won't allow me to at least play the root notes of the chords of a song.  Most handpans have 8-9 notes with a central ding (like my Bali Steel handpans). Each handpan has a different key and scale.  This particular Spacedrum handpan I ordered covers a full chromatic scale from C4 to C5. So it has all the notes I would need.

Below are pictures of the Spacedrum I ordered.  (Pictures were taken from the Spacedrum maker's website.)  I included videos from others who already have this particular handpan.

The site says they have a 6-8 month wait list. But at least I know I will get the handpan for sure. I can't wait to get my hands on it. You will be mine. Oh yezzzz, you will be mine.



Malzycan said...

Hey I ordered my 13 note chromatic scale spacedrum from metal sounds on Feb 4 this year....i am dying for mine to arrive. still waiting. :)

sundowndos said...

@Malzycan Awesome. Yours should be arriving in about a month or two then, huh? Where are you located? In the US? The Spacedrum makers said this will be the first time they ship a handpan over to my country (Manila, Philippines). :)

Liesbeth en Karl said...
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