Monday, April 1, 2013

Handpan Composition Reaches Russia

I was just looking through analytics data of one of my handpan videos.  And I was surprised to find out that someone embedded my video on a Russian handpan site.  Apparently, some guy who re-sells Bali Steel handpans used my video as an example of what those particular handpans sound like.  Below are the URLs and screenshots of one of the pages where my video was used.

I don't claim to be a skilled handpan player.  I am also not a popular handpan player on the net (as shown by the minuscule view count of the video).  But I suppose having some random person use my video to sell Bali Steel handpans in Russia is a compliment nonetheless.  There are tons of Bali Steel handpan videos on YouTube.  And for this guy to find his way to my video seems close to impossible.  You also have to wonder how available the Russian handpan Spb is over in Russia if acquiring a Bali Steel handpan is a viable option.

If you're curious about the actual video in question, here is the video below.  I wrote the composition a few weeks after my physical medicine doctor graduated me from physical therapy of my right hand (Radial Nerve Palsy for 4+ months).  So the video below signifies my return to music.


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