Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mouse on the Keys Live in Manila

A friend of mine introduced me to this particular band's music about a year ago.  He highlighted that it's a 3-piece Japanese band that's purely instrumental.  When I first heard the band's music on YouTube, I was blown away at how these guys were considering there was no guitarist or bassist.  The two keyboardist and drummer ensemble was more than enough to fill their musical soundscape and come up with a niche tone uniquely their own.  So you can imagine my surprise when I first found out that "Mouse on the Keys" was slated to perform in Manila by December 12, 2012 at B-Side, Makati.

I was supposed to go with my good friend Mari.  But he bailed a few days prior to the gig.  So I asked my friend Joseph to join me instead.  I just wanted a friend to come with me.  Oddly, I feel weird venturing off alone these days.  Bringing Joseph along proved to be fruitful to say the least.

That awesome gig night, I was oggling some of the Mouse on the Keys CDs and tour shirts that a friend of the band brought along with him from Japan to sell.  But the guy was still setting up and calculating what the equivalent Philippine peso prices for all the items should be.  So I didn't get to buy anything prior to the band's set.

Below are videos of some of Mouse of the Keys' songs that night.  These videos don't really top being there in person.  Listening and feeling this band's music is really something else.


The band is normally a three-piece band.  But for that gig, they brought along a saxophonist to jam along with them.  It gave the band's music a more melodic feel.

Saigo no Bansan

This song above is actually my favorite Mouse on the Keys song ever since I first heard their music on YouTube.  It was such an eargasmic treat to finally hear the song live.

A Sad Little Town

Forgotten Children



The highlight of the band's set was when Akira, their drummer, got up on the DJ booth banister and coaxed the crowd to carry him all across the inside of B-Side.  The crowd really made an effort to carry him all the way around until he finally found himself back at his drum kit.  That was awesome.

They were all obviously very skillful and talented in their respective instruments. But even more so their drummer, Akira. The guy made the sound heavier and not allowed it to fall of the edge of being too jazzy in its tone.

My friend Joseph is usually the fanboying instigator.  He has more guts and patience than I do to have whoever awesome band to give us autographs or take pictures with them.  He's done this when we've watched bands like General Luna, Urbandub, Wolfgang, etc.  So I wasn't surprised that he was pushing to do so once again.

I was able to get a picture with Akira, their drummer.  What a name at that.  Akira!  The name gave off an impression of skill strength honed with a committed samurai-esque resolve.  The extra treat was Joseph somehow got all members of the band, including the session saxophonist, to sign my Mouse on the Keys poster.  That was very thoughtful of Joseph really.

I came back to that friend of the band who was selling CDs and shirts. But people pounced on those CDs so fast that they sold out before I got back to the guy.  But at least I was able to buy their tour shirt. Even that alone put a smile on my face regardless.  Joseph and I continued our festivities elsewhere for the rest of the night and that was equally fun.  Awesome night indeed.


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