Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Week Part 4: Bush and Evanescence Live in Manila

It's been over a month since this concert. But I wanted to finish documenting the highlights of my birthday week last month. So here we are, the last portion of this series of blog posts. This time the post is about watching Bush and Evanescence at the Araneta Coliseum last February 19.

Coming off my gig at the Rogue Magazine Music Edition Launch at B-Side the night before, I was unfortunately too trashed to make it to my SunDownMuse bassist's son's birthday party during that Sunday afternoon. Io has been dead for about 2 years now. But we continue to celebrate his birthday rather than his death anniversary. I felt bad for not being able to join my SunDownMuse bandmates for the party. I heard it was a lot of fun.

Instead, I texted Briggs and Gigo where we can meet up post-birthday party since I have their concert tickets. We all agreed to meet at the concert venue itself about an hour before the concert. I got to Araneta Coliseum rather early. Which was fine because I hadn't eaten anything all day. So I proceeded to Cafe Bola to eat. I used eat at the Cafe Bola in Greenbelt often years ago. So I kinda missed the food. The restaurant was situated near the green gate entrance as well. So it was convenient for me to dine and spot Briggs and Gigo if they arrived.

Briggs and Gigo soon arrived. I just finished eating. But they wanted to grab something to eat before going in. They had to hurry it up a little though. As they arrived really close to the concert start time.

When we proceeded inside Araneta Coliseum. I was disappointed that they didn't have any concert t-shirts for sale of Bush nor Evanescence. They only had album CDs. I have a thing for concert shirts. So not being able to buy one at a concert venue is always disappointing.

What was equally disappointing was that the usher that showed us to our seats obviously didn't look at the tickets properly. I bought tickets for us that were off to the right side which was the closest section of seats to the stage. Instead the usher showed us to these Patron seats at the back, behind the Patron Standing area. Seeing as the Patron Standing area wasn't full. Briggs, Gigo, and I decided to just dive in the standing area to get closer to the stage.

Below are videos that I took of Bush and Evanescence that night. I would've taken more videos but my arm was getting tired and I was getting caught enjoying the music.

"The Chemicals Between Us"

Bush came out with a new album after going on a haitus for years. It's really nice to see these guys still keep at it. What's interesting to note is that when Gavin introduced the next song that's part of their new album. He mentioned that when they recorded the album, they weren't sure where the album would take them. It shows humility despite him and his band's past rock stardom. I had more respect for him as a musician when he said that.

"The Sound of Winter"

I actually looked up the chords and lyrics on the Sound of Winter on the net soon after the concert. It's simple enough for me to learn. It's one of my favorites to play on guitar and sing now.

"Everything Zen"

At some point in their set, Gavin hopped off stage and started roaming around in the crowd. I was caught off guard as Gavin just sped right past me. He started climbing up to the Lower Box and Upper Box seats while the fans were hugging him and screaming their heads off. The bouncers trailed Gavin all paranoid that Gavin might get mobbed. LOL. It was such a genuine gesture on the part of Gavin and it only further bolstered the crowd's liking towards him.

"Come Together (Cover)"


Evanescence soon came up on stage with an elaborate set up, particularly the drum kit. The kit was really set up for a "gigil" drummer. The kick drum was booming, perhaps a little too loud than it should've. But it's their concert so they can do whatever they want.

"Going Under"

"Made of Stone"

The song above is part of the movie soundtrack for Underworld: Awakening. I actually like the movie despite what the movie critics say. And the movie actually made me pay attention to the song a little more.

"Bring Me To Life"

Of course, they played the song that was their initial claim to fame.

"My Immortal"

And of course they played their fan favorite. This was particularly liked by the females in the crowd. You can tell because they knew all the lyrics. LOL.

In all honesty, I enjoyed Bush's set more than Evanescence. I am a fan of Evanescence. But I grew up with Bush music along with all the other grunge and post-grunge bands back in higschool and college. Overall, both bands were great that night.

Briggs, Gigo, and I, proceeded to Uncle Moe's near Briggs' place just to eat and have a few beers before calling it a night. That was definitely a nice way to cap off my birthday week celebrations.



soelag said...

I missed this concert, especially that I am so in love with Bush's Gavin Rossdale. It kills me to know that he actually went near the audience. I missed that. buhuhu! Thanks for sharing the vids. Will watch them later, after I get my progressive eyeglasses...getting old, can't see anymore. Oh, and I also missed your birthday. Belated happy b!

Anonymous said...

Saw Bush and Seether in concert in Rochester, MN last night. They put on a great show. Seether did a set of all their biggest hits and the newer "Country Song". Just go my bush tickets to attend them alive nd mix of older hits and a few from their new album.

I hear they are heading to Omaha for a concert tonight. I recommend seeing it if you like their music. It was a blast!