Monday, July 4, 2011

Wolfgang Live at the MET

This post is long overdue as is the increasing backlog of things I'm supposed to blog about.  So I figured I'd cut into that backlog once again.  This particular post is about the awesome night I had with my friend Joseph and his wife, watching Wolfgang live at the ol' Metropolitan Theater last June 18, 2011.

Although the venue itself was old and in severe need of repair (to the point that the upper deck was closed off because it couldn't support the weight of people to be watching from that area), the production value of the concert was surprisingly one of the best I've seen for any local band.  The lighting was well choreographed with spot lights on each of the band members to highlight them when it was their time to shine (i.e. a guitar solo).

Below are videos I took from that awesome night.  My trusty Zoom Q3HD really pulled it off well especially in the audio department.  I posted these videos on Facebook as well and got instant praise from a lot of Wolfgang fans on the clarity of the video and the audio.  It's too bad some idiot named Danny Matta decided to rip off my videos and upload it on his Facebook as if it was his own. The guy obviously can't even spell since he works as a "BRODBAND Retention Coordinator" at Smart.  But most Wolfgang fans knew the videos were mine. Anyway, on to the videos.

Left Alone





The band was donning a new drummer, Francis. He definitely fits better in the band than Wolf does.  They coined the nickname "The Beast" for Francis. The name definitely suits him because of his gigil/wailing drumming style. Of course, the rest of the band members were solid as always and obviously have gotten better in skill through the years.

The band was tight. The crowd was singing along on practically every song and they all sang in key. This surprised Basti a lot because he would pause and momentarily get taken aback because the crowd at times knew the songs better than he did. LOL!

I actually have one more video I haven't edited and uploaded. It was their song called "24". But I've gotten lazy since the concert and the videos I have uploaded take several hours just to upload. Perhaps some day I will get around editing and uploading that last one.

Even though I was still recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction, I didn't regret sucking it up and heaving myself over to the MET. It was definitely a night to remember.


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