Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nimbus 9 Gig

I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog posts. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of music that I haven't really taken the time to document them all in this blog. So I'll start with one of my gigs last May 14, 2011.

My friend Paul, messaged me on Facebook that Saturday around noon time, asking me if I wanted to join his band's gig at Saguijo that night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join them for practice. So I told Paul that I'd have to wing it at the gig itself. I asked Paul a little more details about the band. Apparently, Nimbus 9 is technically both the band name and the rapper (Gino). So it was pleasant surprise to be invited to play for a rap/funk band. Fortunately, Paul told me all their songs are straight-up 4/4 counts, meaning they're largely predictable in flow.

I asked my closest of friends, Joseph, Sarah, Roland, Millet, Guy, etc. to join me at Saguijo that night. It was a Barangay Tibay Anniversary event. So Saguijo was little more packed than usual given Barangay Tibay's entire band line-up was scheduled to play that night.

Millet was kind enough to take some pictures of me playing that night. Below are a select few from the pictures she took.

I handed my Zoom Q3HD to Joseph before we played and he took videos of the entire 4 song set we had at Saguijo. The videos are below.  Thanks Joseph!!!

I think I rolled with the band quite well without even hearing their songs prior to the gig. Paul asked the rest of the band if they can retain me for other gigs and they all agreed.

Paul and his girlfriend along with my posse of friends proceeded to my place after. My tiny little apartment was amusingly bustling with people.  It was a wild night of boozin', music, and sharing all of that with real friends. I have very few close friends. But I feel very fortunate to have them. Net of net, I got to gig again. And definitely looking forward to gigging some more regardless if it's SunDownMuse or other bands.


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