Thursday, June 9, 2011

General Luna and Wolfgang

It was an odd day at work last May 26, 2011. I felt a tad indifferent with the people around me except for my good friend Joseph that day. When I took a break from the the big pile heap of things I needed to work on, I noticed that Saguijo had a good line-up on for that night. I was primarily curious about how a band called Toi sounded live. But there were other kick ass bands scheduled for that night, the likes of General Luna and Hijo.

On a whim, Joseph and I decided to go and catch some of the acts at Saguijo. And it turned out to be one of the most fun fanboying nights we've had ever. We stopped over my apartment first to drop off my laptop bag and headed out for Saguijo. The cab driver of the cab we got into was hilariously "ngongo". But surprisingly, I understood about 90% of what the cab driver was saying. I suppose both my and Joseph's brains were hopelessly turned off that night, as we got lost with the cab driver trying to locate the venue. I've gigged in Saguijo so many times in the past years. But I usually hitched with a bandmate and never really bothered to know where exactly Saguijo was located.

General Luna

We eventually arrived at Saguijo and found it bustling with people. How all these people manage to go watch bands every weeknight perplexes me. Apparently we just got in just in time for General Luna's set. They were setting up as we entered the bar. Our eyes lit up and gave each other high fives with "perfect timing" etched in our respective thought bubbles.

I specifically brought my trusty Zoom Q3HD to take videos of the bands that night. Below are a few videos I took of General Luna's set. I had trouble toiling with all the would-be photographers totting expensive DLSRs and rudely bumping you for position. That's actually the reason why I only took videos of 3 of their songs and not the entire set.

As always, every member of the band was extremely attractive aside from their obvious respective musical talents. Each of them would play their instruments at a skill level better than a lot of male musicians I know, including myself. Being a single guy, I couldn't help but oggle at both their musical skill and physical beauty. Basically, they're a hot chick band that rocks out.

After their set, Joseph wanted to have his picture taken with each of the members of General Luna. I normally don't do this myself because I'm usually just so "torpe" to even approach girls that attractive even just for a picture. But Joseph's persistence carried us both and we managed to have our picture taken with 4 out of the 5 band members.

Admittedly the pictures were blurry. It's the best my Blackberry could manage really. And we didn't have a better camera on hand for the occasion. We couldn't really find the bassist to have our picture taken with her. When we did finally see her. We couldn't find the proper timing to approach her as she speedily headed to her vehicle. Too bad. Perhaps next time we watch a General Luna gig we will have better luck (and bring a better camera hopefully).

Out of the 4 of them, Audry and Caren were the most accommodating. They even chitchatted with me for a bit which was a pleasant surprise.


At this time, Joseph and I were just hanging outside with our beers, so pleased at ourselves for our fanboying efforts. I poked Joseph and whispered that the bassist of Wolfgang was at the table across from us. He pointed out that Basti, the Wolfgang vocalist, was also at the same table. Within a few seconds, the guitarist of Wolfgang popped up from the Saguijo car park and said to the other two, "Tara set up na tayo.". Joseph and I looked at each other and both came to the instant realization that Wolfgang was playing a surprise set. They weren't in the line-up schedule for the night, and we knew that they've been only gigging in major provinces as of late for their Tanduay tour. So again, with raised clenched fists we just realized how worth it it was to drag ourselves to Saguijo on a week night.

Below are 3 videos I took of Wolfgang's set. I really didn't want to deal with all the wannabe photographers who think excessive use of their flashes shows skill in photography. So I sat my ass down on the floor and got comfy. I took the videos from that vantage point. Hence the resulting angle of the videos.

I would've taken videos of the other songs they played that night. But I noticed that my Zoom Q3HD was running out of battery life. So I saved what was left of the batteries for a good song. The last song was "Halik ni Hudas" from their first album. I definitely made sure I took a video of that song. The pleasant surprise is the total views of this particular video is 1,853. It was already over 1,000 views within 24 hours of me uploading the video to YouTube. (Now that might not be a lot of views by other people's standards. But it certainly is a lot for me considering none of the other videos I've uploaded on YouTube would even come close to 1,000 views).

Wolfgang apparently dropped in unannounced in Saguijo that night to promote their upcoming concert at the Met on June 18, 2011. (Joseph, his wife Sarah, and I got tickets for that concert already. So I'll definitely will be blogging about that concert at some point.)

After their set, Joseph bugged me to have my picture taken with Basti since he got his picture taken with him already before Wolfgang started setting up.

There were more awesome bands playing that night. But Joseph and I decided to call it a night because we both had work the next day (or should I say in the next few hours). I normally try not to go out on a week night for fear of drinking too much and end up being a wreck at work the following day. But I certainly was glad that Joseph and I ventured out that night on a whim. It was definitely a whole lot of fun.


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