Thursday, May 5, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

This was meant to be a series of tweets. But I decided to put it all in one blog post instead. Below are all the elevator pet peeve behaviors that I have given that I always use both my office building's and apartment building's elevators.

Scenario #1: While waiting for the elevator.

Pressing the button repeatedly over and over again.

Waiting for the elevator can be annoying especially around lunch time or around 6:00PM when people end their work shifts. But the elevator really won't move any faster no matter how many times you press the button.

Pressing both direction buttons.

Same thing with this one. Pressing the opposite direction of where you're going only delays the elevator further. Why? It's because the elevators now will have to open up on the floor you're on going the opposite direction before coming back to head towards your direction.

Standing right in front of the elevator door.

The last thing you want to do if you're in a hurry is delay the people getting off making it take longer for you to get on. It's funny how people continue to block the doorway and shuffle right and left. When it's just plain easier to step back let those people out and then go in.

Scenario #2: While riding an elevator.

Pressing multiple floor buttons that are above your destination floor.

Kids do this a lot. But I have seen grown men and women act this juvenile. Although it doesn't delay them from getting to their destination floor, it definitely delays everybody else whose destination floors are higher up. Some elevators have the ability for you to cancel a selected floor. However, not all elevators have that (i.e. my apartment building's elevators).

Jumping up and down while the elevator is moving.

Kids do this a lot too. And that's fine since they're small and lightweight. But when grown men or women do this in an elevator, you feel the impact. Now most elevators can probably withstand that. But it sure does freak out certain people, and annoy others.


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